CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Tuesday, February 23rd

Gentle folks, good morning and good day. Watching and reading the news here and from elsewhere, it is easy to conclude that indeed, there are very interesting times ahead.

Take this most recent development on the ‘Race to the White House ‘, suggesting that the Republicans are thinking of closing ranks behind the number one and two contenders in an effort to get out, or derail, if you prefer, the speeding train of the surprised front runner, ‘The Donald’.

The realization is just starting to sink in that The Donald could go all the way to ‘Super Tuesday’. That is one concern. The other and maybe most important is that if he gets the party’s nod to line up against Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, he won’t have a chance, like the proverbial snowball..?

That is then, folks! For now, Mr. Trump is turning the great American political landscape on its head, turning it upside down. And each time someone expresses surprise, I have a simple answer, and that is, Mr. Trump – I’m giving him the respect he deserves now as the next president of these United States – Mr. Trump’s political impoliteness is nothing new!

I don’t think he is outspending his rivals to be so popular, to be so way out front. That tells me that the reason why his message is resonating so much is because racism and bigotry in American is still alive and thriving.

The Donald is echoing the sentiments of Americans who otherwise don’t have the balls and the gall to say it in the open space, in the public domain! All that Mr. Trump – I prefer ‘The Donald’ – is doing for the time that he’s being allowed, is to unwrap the gift that is presented to so many of us each and every day!

Such a pity that they will not let him cross the border into Washington, DC! Then again, that’s just me thinking out loud. There is time between now and ‘Super Tuesday’ and nothing here points to ‘all things remaining equal’.

Oh, and by the way. If you are having trouble listening to and understanding ‘The Donald’, listen to the neophyte that is Marco Rubio, not that both aren’t. Lightweight Rubio is a straight out Obama hater and that’s why he lost the fight to the Super Heavyweight Chris Christie, the other night. What a sucker punch that was?

Gentle folks, ‘Super Tuesday’, not today, is many moons and months away but no reason and no excuse to lose focus. You’ve got to stay the course, here!

Elsewhere, as in Jamaica, Jamaica, the day of decision is just hours, minutes away! In fact for many, that hour of opportunity, came yesterday, Monday.

Police, soldiers and election day workers voted in general elections so that they will be free to be fair to the masses on Thursday. From reports, voting went according to plans except for the case of one person, a former soldier, who turned up in Kingston, only to be told that his polling center was in St. Ann, some 50+ miles away.

Not sure if he was allowed to vote in Kingston before leaving for St. Ann to exercise his franchise, which he seemed so excited about.

Something however, about the report that had me scratching my head, in that the reporter and the voter, somewhere, somehow, got crossed eyed and the editor, apparently fell asleep at the desk , or is an ‘X’, too!

What I’m trying to say here and you can tell that I am having some difficulty expressing myself, is that, that bit of journalism, er reporting, was not green or yellow, it was plain orange for all to see!
Now let me be expressly clear. At another time, said bit of reporting could and would pass the muster, but not when you have a million persons yet to cast a vote, yet to mark their ‘X’!

Why state the voting preference of the person when so much is in the balance, when the minds and intent of so many is still undecided? Then again, I am asking a rhetorical question. The intent of the reporter and publication are as clear as a 96 degrees in broad daylight.

For sure, I will not be surprised on Thursday night. Jamaicans will have one choice, the same since 1962. The black dawg or the monkey. The pot or the kettle.

And in an environment of political witch hunting, debate dodging, electric sliding dollar, reckless corruption and scamming, a choice between the better of the two con artists camps, masquerading as pillars of democracy and decency while decay and despair go diagnosed.

Which is first, the chicken of the egg? The ‘people’ or ‘ Jamaica’…? DWL.

Dun talk! Your turn, star. You have the last word, as always. Share your thoughts.

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