CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell – Wednesday, January 27th

What day is it? Hump Day, silly! Can’t you tell? It’s Wednesday, and it will be the last one in the first month of the New Year.

So, how did we get here so fast? Well, they say…’time flies when you are having fun’. And that depends on who is doing the talking.

It’s been anything but fun for the family of Rhonda Morris, a beautiful woman, a rising star in the male dominated entertainment industry, in JahMekYah, and at 26 years old, the proud, happy mother of four children, the last one, just seven months old.

So, you already get the drift, that Rhonda is no longer a living soul on Planet Earth, having succumbed to the bullet of a gun, on November 15, last year.

Hanover, Jamaica, might be far, very far from here, but this story, like so many others, is hitting home, hard, hard! And this is where Sheron Pearson, a sister of the Diaspora, comes in, because like the other stories, she does not want this one to fall on deaf ears of convenience.

By any means necessary, she wants justice for Rhonda. So, the question becomes, are you ready to fight for the right, is the Diaspora ready to voice its concern, not just for justice for Rhonda but justice for all Jamaicans. Justice from the tyranny of the gun and the cancer of corruption and the threat of the Zika Virus, to boot!

As Sheron tells the story, it was just last week that the family was able to bury the fallen female from donations via a GoFundMe account. And how cruelly ironic it is that the ‘protection’ she preached about in one of her better vocalization on ‘YouTube’ eluded her when she needed it most!

So much for life imitating art, or is it the other way around…?

It bothers me that at age 26 years, she had already mothered four children! What is even more troubling, is the alleged circumstance or speculation, if you must, into her death.

Whatever business brought her to Hopewell that day, may have died with her, as she came face to face with her killer, someone who, reports say, has been stalking the woman without success. A case of femme fatale!

As Sheron continues her story..”What’s extremely sad is that the allegation is that the murderer is someone who was rebuffed by Rhonda, who was not interested in having a relationship with him”.

She was a single mother trying to do the best for her family. It is worth repeating that she leaves behind four young children, the youngest being just 7 months old.

Here is Sheron’s tear-jerker of a question..”why is it that the security forces couldn’t swab for gunpowder, she was shot point blank in the face!

Sheron is asking that question because of shoddy police work that could make the known killer, walk free!

Seriously? Indeed so! So far there are no eye witnesses willing to come forward and identify the suspected killer, thereby giving the police and the case, no legs to stand on.

This last dysfunctional dynamic is what is at the heart of what’s wrong in paradise, with Jamaica!

Sheron lives here, in the US and has a voice of reason via an online radio show. She wants justice for Rhonda and needs your help. This is a Diaspora matter that US$2billion plus can fix, so where do we start?

The Jamaica/US Diaspora conference is in June, somewhere in Queens, NYC, but that is some time yet. Sharon wants to hear from you, NOW. Today, because, as you know, justice delayed is justice denied!

You can contact her at; 347 485 1154 to air your concern and pledge your support. Sheron P’s Conduit Show – Sundays 6-9 pm at www.e2onair.com

Here’s a youtube link to some of Rhonda Morris’ music – her talent is incandescent. RIP

Rhoda’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/rhonda.h.morris.7?fref=ts

That’s today’s conversation and as usual, you have the last word. Share your thoughts even as you enjoy the Winter wonderland!


  1. Nice, well written piece Lacey. Not sure if Sheron told u this, but I grew up in Hopewell with Rhonda’s dad Oral, who was a neighbor and a very close friend to me, hence closely connected to this tragedy. Just one correction tho, u said in one part, u don’t know what brought her to Hopewell that night, well she is from Hopewell, but her alleged murderer isn’t. Also, the go fund that I started, raised US$1800, but was done on my own accord, so I don’t want it said that they family had to turn to ‘go fund me’ to bury their loved one. That being said, the funds helped a gr8 deal towards funeral arrangements. Again, thx Lacey. Bless up mi alumni bredda. CC fi life!

  2. The date of her murder is also incorrect. The article said Nov. 14th, but she was actually killed Nov. 27th.
    Needless to say, again,good article. Bless up Lacey

  3. So sad. Sorry to know that as a single mom she was murdered and her babes left. Who will look after them and give them the love and guidance they need? Justice indeed is needed but let’s not lose sight of her vulnerable children.

  4. I have only just come across this sad story and I concur with other comments bemoaning the plight of her young children and wish there was a way for them to benefit from their mothers’ short- lived career. I checked her out on Youtube and found some beautiful, sweet, conscious and inspirational songs such as; “Sorry” “Ghetto Yutes” and the classic in waiting “Protect Me”… Such a talent… What a waste. Once again we read of more acts of callous, mindless violence perpetrated by those with a flagrant disregard for the sanctity of human life. I wonder whether the Police can re-assure eye witnesses that they will be protected if they come forward with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the guilty?

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