CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, November 30th

Good day folks and thanks for the joy of another day. The holiday season is in full effect but it won’t be joy and laughter everywhere. From Havana to Kingston, Port au Prince to Washington, DC, this will be a different Christmas.

On Monday, Jamaicans decided to give the Andrew Holness Administration control of the local government system at the parish council level.

To say that that has not gone over well in some quarters, is a gross understatement. But wait until you hear who is doing the finger-pointing and the dissing and you will come to the same conclusion like me, that ‘wonders never cease in Jamaican politics’, despite all the talk of a more educated electorate!.

Cubans and the socialist community are mourning the death of another of the world’s greatest, the former maximum leader, Comrade Fidel Castro, since last Friday. And just to be clear, I am not a socialist but I feel compelled to give the dead the respect due.

Personally, I benefited tremendously from Comrade Fidel’s philosophy towards humankind and as a high school senior in 1978, was among a distinguished group of youth and students from around the world, standing in Revolution Square – Plaza de La Revolucion – at the eleventh staging of the world festival of youth and students. I returned from Cuba a better person without my brains being washed , thank you!

I will just say here that Jamaica is better off because of Comrade Fidel. Just think for a moment, greatness is always misunderstood!

We are the world’s best team in track and field athletics, thanks to Fidel’s philosophy.  If you want to know more, google it!

Whomever wants to go to his home-going, that’s their prerogative. At this stage, it does not matter. The man came, saw and conquered! From the foundation that he laid and left, Cuba will rise again to be a regional if not a global power broker.

With just an anemic 30 percent of eligible voters turning out for Monday’s municipal election in Jamaica, the counting was complete long before midnight. Contrast that with what’s going on in neighboring Haiti, where cries of voter fraud is growing louder with the count of each ballot. And they still have quite a ways to go!

Haiti needs leadership, fast. It seems as if they might have to contend with the Grinch instead of a Santa Claus of either sex, this holiday.

Talking about the PNP not knowing what hit them where it hurts most, for the second time in 10 months, is one thing. I know where they got him because they have their heads in the sand! When your head is down, your sorry ass is exposed!

It’s the same difference here in these United States where folks seem unable to shake themselves awake out of a nightmare of an election and the specter of Donald J Trump as the president-elect. I can’t seem to get enough news about his cabinet appointments and then listen to the ‘spin doctors’ on talk radio/tv, as to why he has to go there!


French is not my language, as beautiful as they say it is. I speak very fluent English and Jamaican. My fifth form/Grade Eleven Spanish is not too bad, either. Saying that to say, I don’t know what promises were made to the Haitian electorate, this time around. The monitoring group from the Caribbean Community said they were satisfied that all protocols were followed for a free and fair election.

Donald Trump promised quite a bit. No need to regurgitate here. Knowing him, he will have no problem telling me to my face that I’m ‘wrong’.


In Jamaica, the PNP said they lost an election that they did not expect to win because of an empty treasury. And so General Secretary-elect Julian Robinson is promising fire and brimstone on the JLP-led government for ‘buying out the bar’!

Not only that, he is promising that going forward, there will be no bi-partisan support in parliament. In his words, the JLP used the $600 million ‘crash program’ money to buy votes. He said the government was warned that such a move at this time is ‘wrong’ but they chose to be ‘arrogant and strong’ about it – the bolo slush.

Aren’t governments supposed to be strong?

You expect that kind of stupidity from someone else, just not Robinson, who is being ushered in as a critical element of the transformation process that will make the PNP great – and relevant- again, post haste! In the absence of the party leader, he had to say something. Oh, well!

Here is where it gets very interesting. Politics is about promises, lying and deceit. Does that make politicians liars and cheats? Here’s a sound advice. When you get beat at your own game, take it like a man, or as they say in the dancehall….wheel n cum again, selekta!

Folks, I will be on a 30-day sabbatical, so if you don’t see and/or hear from me, I was not fired, just trumped! This is reality, deal with it.

To God be all the glory and praise. Happy holidays from all of us here in the zone!

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.




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