CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, November 14th

Good day folks. We continue to give thanks for God’s bountiful blessings. It’s a brand new day and hope springs eternal.

Donald Trump’s election victory last Tuesday night, though surprising and shocking, was not totally unexpected. That is, if you are a regular conversant in this forum. So, at the very outset when it became clear that he would be the presumptive nominee – anyone remember that seemingly obnoxious, offensive labeling after The Donald ‘trumped’ an over-crowded primary field of presidential wannabees – I said in this very same space that whatever he was doing and saying, was resonating well with a very wide cross-section of America, that largely displaced, disgruntled and forgotten portion of America that the media conveniently ignores.

Turns out that those are the voters who swung and flung the election across the red sea, last week! I will never forget turning on the TV, some minutes past 7:00 pm, just minutes after the polls closed in some states, based on time zones and time difference, and seeing a sea of ‘red’ and I watched and waited and watched and waited only to see the sea getting ‘redder and redder’ with each passing minute of what will be a super Tuesday, November 8, 2016, never to be forgotten, period!

And here is the question that none of my sorry ass ABC reporters and pundits will ever be able to answer in their lifetime, where did the votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton, go? How could all the polls be so wrong? To now come and tell me that Mr. Trump had a message while Mrs. Clinton campaigned on a premise of entitlement, is BS.

The glass ceiling is still intact! Good for her.

But hold on. BS to those who grossly discounted the fact that Trump realized that ‘where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise’. Was it a trick by Trump or is it that the diet of fear-mongering fed by the so-called main stream media, backfired terribly?

One thing is for sure. Mr. Trump spoke from his heart. No made for TV stuff. Americans want to see America great again, like when everything was seen in black  v white! The WH is for whites only!

‘Take back America’ was not said as a joke. It was not said by Steve Harvey or Eddie Murphy. ‘Take back America’ soon morphed into ‘Make America Great Again’. Call it what you will. Red Neck America, White America, whomever they are, they responded with their fingers, last Tuesday. Elections are about (empty) promises and usually the best, in this case better, trickster won!

I am not sure who helped those who voted for Mr. Trump because even he himself seemed surprise by the results. The Donald I have seen and heard since Wednesday morning is not the same potty –mouthed, pussy grabbing, tax dodging, immigrant bashing, POTUS wannabee Donald Trump that made you wondered out loud..’what kinda world are we living in’ just weeks, days ago!

What a metamorphosis? From conniving to conciliatory beyond belief, all in a matter of hours? Huddling with President Obama at the WH and to hear those closest to him (president-elect), now saying that he might very well keep some aspects of the Obamacare Health program and that talk of prosecuting Hillary will be left where it belongs, on the campaign trash heap!

Last week, I noted that those who stick to the dictionary meaning of ‘rigged’ will never fully comprehend, not just understand but comprehend, the election results. Donald Trump told you and I that the process is/was rigged. What he did not tell you, what he left for you to decipher is/was, in whose favor the system is/was/would be rigged!

The media ignored yet another telling phenomenon of this ‘never to be forgotten’ presidential campaign. Folks, the Federal Bureau of Investigations – FBI – the untouchables, played the classic game of espionage on this one. Already, Hollywood is abuzz.

I felt bad for Mrs. Clinton because as well as she was doing in the popular polls, the DNA stain of those emails, was not going away and when the FBI have you in their cross-hairs, you are like the Thanksgiving turkey, cooked. Done! All that’s left is for the grace before meal.

I said it. That as much as she is/was the more suitably qualified candidate based on experience, neither of them is/was deserving of the office of POTUS.

Here it is now that a cloud of criminality is hanging over the head of the president-elect, Donald Trump regarding his university’s handling of students’ tuition and programs. His lawyers will be asking the courts and the justice system to delay the case, so that he can focus on the transition of power and then on governance, meaning that this case could  go on for the next four years.

And what do we know about ‘justice delayed’…?

In conversations since Wednesday, I keep going back to the fact that either candidate needed to win in states referred to as ‘battleground’ because their votes are hinged on a pendulum and that Mr. Trump triumphed in all of those states, not to mention Florida, the mother of all battlegrounds! KMT!

Why did Democrats stayed home, knowing that every single vote counts and would be counted in this election? And what purpose is this street demonstration serving when Mr. Trump has already been given a duplicate key to the WH and is receiving daily briefing on the state of the nation?

Are those who are protesting, the ones who voted? And if that’s the case then it is clear as day, why she won the popular vote but lost the election! Whatever this ‘Electoral College’ dynamic is, it needs to be placed among the relic of this election. An election founded and rooted in democracy, should be decided by the popular vote. It happens everywhere, except in these great United States of America.

In my conversation at the end of October, I asked if Americans would be tricked or treated. What do you think now? That’s today’s conversation. Thank you for sharing. As usual, you have the last word. Share your thoughts!



  1. I don’t think our Native Land Jamaica, is immune to the Fear Mongering, Ignorance is Bliss or Better Trickster Syndrome, hell no! How else can one explain the last Election? The question is this, will the Victims, reward these rascals, with another victory at the Polls this Month? Let’s face it, We will continue to be had, tooken,bamboozled and just plain suckered, wherever we reside, until We the People say, enough, is enough!…”Up you Mighty Race, We can accomplish what We Will” Marcus Garvey”

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