CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, May 23rd

To God be all the praise, honor and glory for the blessings and life, to see another day and the start of another week.

Gentle folks, so much has happened since our last conversation. An airplane mysteriously dropped from the sky, considering it is made to stay up there! WHO says Continental Africa is facing yet another health crisis with some 3k cases of yellow fever in Angola. Doom and gloom being predicted and prescribed for the Caribbean region by the Commonwealth Secretariat, whomever they are. The Budget debate about where the money will come from to move Jamaicans up and out of poverty, once and for all, continues. And who would have thought that Donald Trump, the ‘presumptuous’ nominee, and the former First Lady Hillary, would be mentioned in the same context of campaigning for the US presidency?

If the above headlines caught your fancy, fine. What is bothering me real bad, is a video someone sent me last week of a disgruntled father, ranting about this transgender law or provision or something, allowing whosoever will, to use the bathroom of their choice!

In a day and age when every post on social media ‘goes viral’ – still waiting for my son to explain that to his aging father – I am wondering why this particular video has not yet ‘gone viral’, or did I miss the memo?

Question. Who directs the information that you hear and read? This video is powerful, not because of the temperament of the messenger, who could easily be tagged by the FBI, CIA and agents of HSA as a terrorist, but the message itself.

So now, here is it that you have one section of these United States in some mode of disbelief that ‘The Donald’ could soon – and I mean like this November – wake from his dream and be the next POTUS, and another section cowering in fear that Gotham could be the next Sodom!

Transgender bathrooms. Seriously? And the entire country is silent, quiet about it! Where is Beenie Man and Bounty Killa and Shabba Ranks, social commentators when we need them?

The guy on the video says, “if he catches a man in the bathroom with his little girl, it’s going to be a problem.”

I know the matter of withholding federal funds for North Carolina on this matter made the news cycle some weeks ago and even more chilling was the fact that the president was/is in support!

On this video, which you may not see because of who controls the media, the messenger is calling on Americans to stand up for their second amendment rights and rightly so, because if you do not stand up for something, you will fall for any (darn) thing!

The person on the video calls this development, ‘a can of worms’, and he questions, in a feisty, southern accent, the rationale for now giving/allowing a bunch of perverts and pedophiles all access to public bathrooms?

Of course, he goes on to say that these United Sates of America need Jesus now, more than anything! He is the father of four kids and says this nation needs a backbone!

I have said it in a previous conversation, this space, that America has lost its way, economically and now morally. And don’t take my word or the words and message from that video. Look around for yourself and if you are a-ok with the landscape, fine!

Pants on the ground, and everything is open and exposed for the world to see! SMH

Take that and put beside the level to which this race for the White House, this political dogfight, has descended and tell me to my face that you are comfortable!

I guess public opinion polls are nothing to go by when they are not in your favor but explain to me the finding that both ‘presumptuous’ nominees lack broad-based support and appeal, giving Colonel Sanders the energy to stay the course, despite seemingly insurmountable odds!

I was never into this ‘take back America’ nonsense, initially, but the more this race for the ‘Black’ House drags on, the more I am having a change of heart.

If Hillary and Bill are going to continue the policies and politics of this administration, Caribbean Americans need to vote for the GOP, the party that seems willing and able to stand up for something!

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts. God is merciful!


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