CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, October 31st

Good day folks. We made it thru’ the weekend and to the start of another week. Life can be a scary journey, thereby requiring the utmost care and caution. So, as you go through today, take that split second to look around and about you.

Halloween is not a rumor and if for just one day, it reminds you of another of life’s challenges, the dark and evil ones. I remind you then, to go placidly amid the noise and haste and to remember what peace there is in silence!

Folks, half way through the early voting process to elect a new president of these United States (POTUS), comes word from Russia denying claim that they are working behind the curtains of the Kremlin, to influence the outcome of the election!

Let me say this. Perception is a bitch, dressed in red, white and blue and accessorized with shiny stars and stripes!

Whomever wins the election on Tuesday night, a shade over a week from today, can thank Vladimir Putin and the KGB! Believe you me. One way or the other, they would have influenced the outcome. Are you with me?

‘Influence’ can work both ways. An influence for ‘The Donald’ is an influence against Mrs. Clinton and vice versa. So from that perspective, as my FACT OF THE MATTER colleague would say, some external influence was brought to bear of the elections.

‘The Donald’ is hell bent on the fact that there is undue influence at work or play – your choice – in these elections, and rightly so! Everything about the 2016 election is unprecedented!  Not to mention that it is the worse two candidates ever put before a USA electorate in 240 years!

Scandal and counter scandal dogging the campaign, drowning out any meaningful debate on the real issues of the day. America is great. It’s the only country in the modern world where you can use cheap, undocumented labor to build empires and skyscrapers and when the workers hint at industrial action, you threaten them with deportation!

It’s the only country in the modern world where a top government official deletes 1000s of sensitive emails and gets a pass to skip jail, only for the forensics to show up the ‘experts’ as lying under oath!

Folks, don’t get me wrong. One of Donald Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton will be elected POTUS on November 8, by way of your vote, but neither is deserving of the office, neither is deserving to be the next tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

And when the election is over and done, come Wednesday morning, November 9, what ill concern me most is the continued fall-out from this hacking scandal. Whose email is next and what system will be next. The medical/healthcare system or the giant department stores, as the holiday season approaches?

Mr. Trump’s ‘crocodile tears’ is not new. The system is rigged, was always rigged. Just that it did not concern us then. The kind and scope of espionage that the USA and Russia were/are involved in, make for a rigged system.

Russia encouraged and then provided shelter for this kind of high stakes skullduggery and a more kinder, gentler USA is and will be the worse off for it.

Super Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will hold no surprise for me. America will always be a great place (country) to live, work and raise a family. That is why I made the decision many years ago, uncoerced, to move here. What I do know is that with the country seemingly split down the middle, the new normal will be one built around going forward, together!

Take a read of this (edited) report making the rounds.

OCTOBER 30, 2016Amidst allegation by the United States that Russia is coordinating the hacks of Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails in an effort to influence the outcome of the election, Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday dismissed the claims.

Speaking to international foreign policy experts in Sochi, Putin dismissed what he described as “the hysteria about Russia’s influence on the US presidential election” saying the allegations are designed to distract the public from real issues.

The United States has accused Russia with interfering in the United States presidential election. However Russia has denied it sponsors or encourages hacking activity.Putin argues that US elites have used the “fictitious and mythical” issue to distract attention from real problems such as government debt and police violence.

“Does anyone seriously think Russia can somehow influence the American people’s choice?” Putin questioned. “Is America some kind of banana republic? America is a great power!”

He called the claim that Russia favours Donald Trump in the race as “sheer nonsense” that has served as a campaign tool.

Putin said was not clear what stance the next US president will take towards Russia, but added that Moscow welcomes campaign statements about normalising ties.

“We will work with any president who will be elected by the American people,” he said.
Putin also asserted that the rise of popularity of nationalist parties in Europe was rooted in a widening gap between elites and the regular citizens, not the influence of Russian propaganda as many in the West have suggested.

“I would like to have such propaganda machine in Russia, but, regrettably, there is no such thing,” Putin said with a note of sarcasm. “We don’t have such global media as CNN, BBC and others.”

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll,some 55 percent of U.S. adults, including 51 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of Democrats, said they thought Russia was trying to tip the scales in the Nov. 8 presidential election, according to the survey.

Most American adults – 62 percent of Democrats and 48 percent of Republicans – think Putin is supporting Trump for the White House, the poll found.

Some 71 percent of those who suspect Russia of meddling believe Moscow is doing so through the recent hacks of Democratic emails, according to the Oct. 18-24 survey.

But 57 percent of those who suspect Russian interference also believe Trump has “no involvement in Russia’s release of unflattering information” on his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. government has accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks targeting the Democratic Party that has led to the release of thousands of illegally obtained emails, revealing the sometimes unflattering inner workings of the party, Clinton’s campaign, and her family’s charitable foundation.

Clinton has said she believes the Kremlin is trying to help Trump, calling her rival a “puppet” of the Russian leader.

“I don’t think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the (Democratic National Committee),” Trump said during the first presidential debate last month.

He suggested the culprit could be anyone from Russia, to China or even “a 400-pound person lying in bed.”

Russia has denied it sponsors or encourages hacking activity. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused U.S. politicians on Thursday of whipping up “hysteria” about a nonexistent threat in order to distract voters.

Putin, who has described Trump as “very talented,” said on Thursday the New York businessman “behaves extravagantly” to “get through to voters’ hearts.”

Trump has said he is not close with Putin, but has also said he believes the Russian president is a stronger leader than U.S. President Barack Obama.

U.S. officials say U.S. agencies have concluded that two Russian intelligence agencies – the military’s GRU and the civilian foreign intelligence agency, the FSB – are behind U.S. political hacking, particularly that directed against Democratic Party organizations and individuals.


Folks, don’t sit on your vote. Use the power vested in you by those you sacrificed before you. Do not be among the ones ‘second guessing’ themselves on Wednesday morning.

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.! Happy Halloween. This is no trick or treat!


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