TRYING TO TRAMPLE TRUMP. A recipe for political disaster

CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, March 21th

Good day folks. It’s a brand, spanking new day and the start of another week and I am most thankful for His many blessings.

My colleague Irwin Clare, Sr., woke up with a hangover this morning – Don’t ask me how I know – having spent all of last week including the weekend in ‘Hog’s Heaven’…er Jamaica,…er the National Stadium, watching every second  and sharing the joy of his adopted school, Edwin Allen High, romp to another scholastic athletics championship.

What a party that was! Talk ‘bout Jamaicans can party. ‘Di ting start from Tuesday, right back to the wee hours of Sunday morning (yesterday), almost a whole week!

Bad and not so bad but when everybaddy, every smaaddy, a call yuh phone, a ask yuh, whe’ yuh deh, a dat a di bun widout di cheese part. It hat and it hurts! DWL. And if I sound envious and jealous, you got it right. Spot on!

I will just have to settle for my ‘champs’, stateside, April 28-30! Heaps of congrats are therefore in order for the lady champs from EAHS and the boys from the Order of Rabalac, at Red Hills Road, Kingston.

The other headline grabber has to be the historic visit of the POTUS, Barack Obama to Cuba, just hours after Venezuela’s head of state, passed thru’!. Good for them. Geo-political tit for tat!

That’s not exactly where my headspace is at the moment, though. My thoughts and prayers are with ‘The Donald’, Donald Trump and his candidacy to be the next POTUS, a not so far-fetched idea to reality, after all.

And here is my conversation starter for today. Why is The Donald unfit to be president of these United States? In the few seconds that you have to think it thru’, consider for a moment, the case of Trinidad & Tobago or even Jamaica, for that matter.

How do you choose a president, in the case of the US, or a prime minister, as in the case of the Caribbean community, for that matter! Service, money, have money and want to serve. None of the above.  All of the above.

In the case of the Caribbean community, you must have very strong, deep rooted allegiance to a political party, not just a fringe supporter. You would have already gone thru’ the electoral/election process and proven your worth, some!

That way, folks know that you are ‘heavy and you ready’! The Jamaican context which I am most familiar with, comes to mind, very forcibly here.

Now take the case of these very United States. To be a ‘POTUS’, and here I’m going ‘Jamaican’.. “PUTUS”, all you need is money, with the exception of one or two cases! ‘DJ Extraordinaire Super Cat, has a name for them, BOOPS!

Are you with me..?

No prior experience in governance required. No mayor, governor, no state senator, no congress! All you need is a bag a mouth and trailer load a money!

So why is The Donald not fit to be POTUS?

I thought the ideal politician, if ever there is such a characteristic, is one who speaks from the heart, not one who comes with a pretty face, nuclear family in tow, special interest baggage, bag of tricks, or if you prefer, empty promises!

So here comes the hot stepping Trump, trampling on the establishment like never before, because he wants to take back America and bring it back to the period of the 1960s, when everything was seen in black and white, even on the television screens and the movies! SMH.

Is that why his path to the nomination as the Republican Party candidate must be stopped, blocked, railroaded, by any and all means necessary?

Has ‘The Donald’ suddenly become the real weapon of mass destruction that’s been so confusing and conspicuously missing from the US foreign policy initiative?

The GOP – and I don’t know what the heck is so grand about it/them. Old, stale, cold, yes – is a farce, like so many of its kind in the Caribbean community and elsewhere. They became Obama’s worst nightmare and now they are paying the ultimate price, self destruction. Not even ‘Cruz’ control will help them now!

Free speech and the right to assembly, yes but why go to the man’s rally if not to support him and expect not to be hauled away in shining silver bangles! Not unless you are sent there by a third party whose M.O., is to seek, disrupt and destroy!

The FACT OF THE MATTER IS..if Portia Simpson Miller (JAMAICA) and Keith Rowley (TRINIDAD & TOBAGO) overcame their perceived challenges and become prime ministers. That’s why Donald Trump will be the next POTUS. A soh di ting set, Brethren!

Politics, like sports, is cyclic.

How can you tell the popular leader of the party that he/she will not be the PM after victory at the polls? And how can you deny the candidate the nomination after due process and protocols in the caucuses and primaries leading up to the convention?

After engaging Ted Cruz during a town hall meeting in Arizona last evening, celebrated FOX News anchor, Sean Hannity ended by saying, “Let not your heart be troubled.” Needless to say, I broke out in uncontrolled laughter.

My response to that, not sure if it’s a signature closing by/for him…Be prepared for the unexpected! To God be the glory, always.

That’s today’s conversation minus the controversy. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.


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