CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell – Wednesday, December 30th

Caribzone_new yearFolks, another day with so much in store. So much that was not promised. Well, it’s a present, open carefully! And however you choose to, the celebration is just hours away!


Continuing on yesterday’s conversation, I have no doubt that you are busy, to some extent, thinking just how you want to start the New Year. It might be materially, spiritually or a combination of both. That’s what I think I will do.


As you resolve to make a difference in your life or the life of others, you can’t do so without thinking back, reflecting on the past 12 months. And even though some of your resolutions will not ‘pan out’ for lack of trying, it was the right ‘think’ to do.


Here’s an advice from my grandmother. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!


So, yesterday, we skimmed the surface on politics and sports, essentially saying that it is time for governments of the Caribbean to get rid of the Jurassic Park mentality that is bound to destroy our democracy.


We all know that absolute power, corrupts!


One political party and one leader in power for 20 years, surely cannot be the way forward for independent states of the Caribbean community. The holding of general elections cannot be left to the whim and fancy of the political party in power! Nuff said.


Fix the date, so constituents know when to fly the gate and kick you out, sooner than late!


With the West Indies cricketers having no clue how to bat and/or bowl, regional soccer was shown the bad card, the red card, that is, by the US Department of Justice and a FIFA Ethics Committee, the combined findings from which the sport will take some time to recover it’s once squeaky clean image of ‘fair play’.


Residing here in these United States, we are constantly reminded that the ‘Hunt for Red October’ did not end with the capture of Osama Bin Laden. It is now more real than imagined that collectively, the big, bad, bully, that is ‘America’, wears a target on its forehead, a target that is seen from outside and within!


We are going to pay dearly for a terribly flawed and misguided foreign policy initiative! And just so you know, those are not my words!


Add to that scenario, the many and varied instances of police shootings and killings of young, Black men! So now we hear that ‘Black lives matter!’ As they say, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one!




And how interesting! The Jamaican Diaspora saw nothing wrong with that picture or the pictures of marches, demonstrations and protests, all over the country, but spent time telling me who and what not to keep in the conversation, in this forum!


There was a fabulous convention in Montego Bay in June, the sixth such, and lest anyone tell you otherwise, it was another talkfest, like all the ‘fests’ that we have fallen in love with, over the years. Sumfest, Jerkfest, soccerfest, et al. We go, have a ball and the moment we exit, that’s it!


There is supposed to be a Diaspora Conference here in the US in June and just so you know, I am wearing bionic lenses. Just watch! I plan to be your Matlock.


I glanced – did not read it – at a report, somewhere, written by someone, obviously, praising the Diaspora for its immeasurable contribution to Jamaica’s national development index. The multi-million dollar ‘Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora’ project went nowhere and talk about active representation at the government level by the ‘cash cow’ Diaspora, was just that!


As economies across the Caribbean community crawl along emaciated and anemic, ‘Diaspora’ is no longer a sexy, trendy, cool, buzz word. The honeymoon is over, folks.


Governments of the Caribbean are so desperate for dollars that citizenship is for sale. I kid you not! So, you have on one hand, taxation (indirect) without representation and on the other hand, citizenship for sale. And as someone pointed out to me in a recent conversation, you may soon need a visa to return to some Caribbean island because someone will come soon up with the brilliant idea that their ‘newly acquired backyard’ should be off limits to many!


We are losing paradise and there is no Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to adjudicate. I don’t know how to call this one. You subscribe to the court’s establishment yet you refuse to ratify its existence and worth. What is that, a hung jury? SMH.


Conclusion. We are becoming experts at self destruction, with or without the climate change phenomenon.


Let’s build on the positives of 2015! In thinking ahead, going forward, it doesn’t hurt to glance behind now and again.


What are your plans for the New Year?


That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts, for the last time, this year!


Happy New Year!



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