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Jamaica's Mixup Politics

Campbell’s Commentary: Monday, November 30, 2015 — The last day of the next to the last month of the year of our Lord, 2015. And how did we get here so fast, you ask? Well, just a word to the wise. ‘Time flies when you are having fun!’

On the contrary, today’s conversation is no fun, so if you do not know how to temper your partisan political bias, I suggest you read no further!

A recent headline in one of the many publications serving the Caribbean community in South Florida, said that the opposition Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) is not happy with the fact that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU), have combined to give the PNP (Peoples’ National Party), some J$14.3 billion ahead of elections!

Right away, my anti-political switch flickered to a state of ‘brown out’
Did the IMF/EU give the PNP all that money at this time or is the money for Jamaica and Jamaicans, to be administered by the PNP controlled government, and if so, why is the JLP ‘crying foul?’
Though no fault of the publication, I have a problem with what appears to be. And here, perception is a bitch…pardon my (broken) French!

Is the PNP, the government of Jamaica at this time? Put another way, is the government of the day, a combination of the majority party and the opposition?

See if you understand where I am going with this!

Context by everything that’s going on at this time ‘on the rock’, is it fair to say that the PNP as a party, was given all this money or was it given to the government of Jamaica, opposition included?

But then, the story goes on to say something to the effect that the IMF has agreed to overlook certain guidelines consistent with accessing such funds under the current program!

Talk ‘bout having friends in high places!

If the money is to be spent by the government, why is the opposition crying foul?

I know why. My bet is that it’s the very same reason why the Most Honorable Prime Minister (my emphasis), has delayed calling the elections. Never mind what you hear about internal polls showing that the ruling party is below the 32 seat majority needed to form the next government.

If that is so, then that’s where all those billions will go, and that’s why the JLP is crying foul, chicken, mongoose, wolf…whatever!

Just now you hear about Portmore and Linstead hospital and Riverton City access road, to be built, refurbished, upgraded, repaired….whatever, in constituencies were the numbers are not looking good for the PNP. And what about making Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, the real fall guy (no pun intended)?

Jamaica’s health ministry has been mentally and physically challenged for years now. Saying it’s a ‘political graveyard’ is an understatement. Notice that the best medics in politics, have never been appointed health ministers. Think!

When was the last time that a ranking minister and party executive was fired by the government, only to surface 24 hours later, next door, in a similar capacity? If that’s the case then, fire me every day, even when I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m competent and capable?

Call this the science of Jamaica’s politics!

I was wanting to believe that a December date to ‘fly the gate’, was really on the cards, much the same way like St. Vincent & The Grenadines (SVG), December 9, and Haiti, December 27, but not anymore. And by the way, Haitians have gone to the polls three times already this year, ink pon fingah and machete in hand!

It would seem the anointment has been delayed, touched by the IMF ‘angels’, if you will.

And what about Audley Shaw’s summation that such actions by two highly influential units, can be seen as political interference, which in my view, is not far from the unwritten code of the ‘International Mafia Fraternity (IMF).

…six a one, half dozen a di haddah!

The Finance Minister is saying that in order to pass the next quarterly test of the IMF, there has to be job cuts. The financial secretary says no such thing!. Yet, the International Mafia Fraternity, the same IMF that can squeeze you dry of the last drop of economic blood, is now suddenly seeming all humane, in wanting to relax the noose and present an opportunity for reelection where there was none.

What a stress!

Even as I converse, I am lacking in understanding of this new dynamic in the science of politics being taught at Mona, or is it UTech?
Telling party faithfuls from the platform of a campaign rally instead of via a sanitized broadcast to the nation, that the IMF money would be spent wisely, is just that. Indeed, it will be money wisely spent!

And so, suddenly, off the drawing board comes ‘those projects and programs with the potential to create jobs and ease chronic unemployment, especially among the youth’, most of whom have turned to scamming and scheming for survival.

Here’s my take. What never happen in four years, can and will happen in a day. That’s the science of Jamaica’s politics. We are now the sprint factory of the world, so mek wi run wid it, fass, fass, Usain a cum!

I used to wonder why Irwine Clare, Sr, called this time of the year, the silly season. Now I know why! Oh, and BTW, what did the Prophet Marley say about ‘fooling the people sometime’….?

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word, as always. Share your thoughts.

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  1. Election in Jamaica, has become a game of Russian Roulette. Regardless of the party in power, a single bullet is placed in a Gun, handed to the people and they are forced to place the Gun to their heads and pull the trigger.

    All the while, the government implores them that, “nothing nah go appen”.

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