CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, February 24th

Greetings and good day. We are almost there, ‘Super Thursday’, that is! Just a few hours away, when Jamaicans at home will chose the political party and by extension, the sixty-three best suited persons to form the government and lead the country for the next five years.

I was going to say lead the country ‘forward’ but decided not to, as that notion can be very subjective if not misunderstood. Notwithstanding the daily dynamic, some will see progress and somewill feel stagnated, stuck in neutral!

So here I am on the eve of ‘D’ day, caught between Rio Bueno and Rio de Janeiro, hoping against hope that the Jamaican electorate will mark the ‘X’ beside the symbol that better represents their hopes and aspirations for the next five years and that Rio will be virus free and thus offer the perfect stage for the cementing of a legend and the start of something new.

I am sure you are excited at the news that a Jamaican diver has already qualified for the Summer Olympic Games, another frontier to conquer in our quest for global recognition in sports. After all, we are a land of water. Not sure about the ‘wood’ part!

Even as Rio beckons, it is fair to say that the events of tomorrow could have some bearing. After all sports development and government are inseparable, IOC, FIFA, ICC, IFNA, WADA be damned.
So far, from the Jamaican sporting perspective, things and times are on track. ‘Champs’ is less than a month away and with Digicel, another big corporate player, stepping up to the podium, there is no short changing of the development program which has now reached every school, county and corner of the country.

It was most interesting, if not appropriate therefore, to see a cartoon imagery of the leaders of the two major political parties in athletic gear, in the ‘set’ position, on the track. It would be unfair not to say Laborite Andrew is quicker, faster, that Socialist Portia. Speed wins the day in track and field athletics. Let’s not fool our politically tricked-out selves here. So I am not sure of the motive of the artist beyond that of comic relief.

So does today’s cartoon imagery have any bearing on tomorrow’s election day outcome? You bet it will and I will leave that to the conspiracy theorists, poli-sci students and philosophers among us!

Reading this morning that there are very dark and ominous clouds on the horizon if the current IMF arrangement is derailed, is shameful because the country has survived in times past without any handouts from the ‘fraudsters’ in Washington, DC.

Tell me that you are passing and have passed eleven quarterly tests with flying colors, only to be told by the very same examiners that your currency is worthless, leads me to ask what kind of economics you’re practicing.

So that is a major concern and on top of that, I am to understand that the plan of action, manifestos if you must, put out by the two parties, the one touting ‘step up to progress’ and the other promising ‘prosperity’, are without substance. Regurgitated stuff, hastily put together.

How often you hear that only a damn fool does the same thing over and over and expect a different result!

Like I have already said in this space, yesterday. Either way, tomorrow’s result will not surprise me because a large percentage of those who will take the time to vote, will do so blindly and uninformed of the real issues and challenges ahead. Using a gullible, partisan media to spar with your opponent and by the same token, wash the dirty linen, is not akin to a debate.

The electorate was shown no respect and neither will the results justify reciprocity. It’s either the black dawg or the monkey, both cunning and deceptive!

To God be the glory. Jamaica mi seh!

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