CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, April 25th

Good morning folks and best wishes for another purposeful and productive week, to include your help and support for the Penn Relays Carnival in Philadelphia at week’s end. Our best wishes are with our sporting ambassadors at this time and I know they will be representing well. Brazil beckons!

As a Jamaican, I know the current political ‘weather report and forecast’ on both fronts, is not lost on you.

A section of America, revered as the model of democracy of the free world, is behaving evil, in my view, in wanting to deny Donald Trump the nomination as the most favored representative of the Republican Party to contest the upcoming general and presidential elections here in these United States, in November.

I am not understanding the politics of it and God knows, I’m trying, even for the sake of my own ‘edutainment’.

And then, I wake up to news from ‘yard’ that there was an emergency room (ER) session at the Jamaica Conference Center – a makeshift KPH, if you must – as a number of comrades medic, try to stop the hemorrhaging of orange juice from  the brain and bodies of the ‘disenfranchised masses’ of the peoples of the national party!

Folks, the post mortem (pm) continues and there seems to be no end in sight!  This one, I understand from reports, was convened by known ‘grassroots’ comrades, a clear misnomer, who wanted to ‘hole a reasoning’ on the way forward for the party now in the political wilderness!

What is interesting is that comrades were told not to take any surgical instrument with them, as there would be no pm of the bitch ass back siding…oops, election defeat or miraculous win by the leader who build his house on the rock!

The last time I heard the phrase used – hole’ a reasoning’, I was torn between ‘rural’ and ‘ghetto’, social dynamics that I continue to identify with, apologetically. Moving up always, always comes with a breath of fresh air, not so moving down.

Are you with me..?

Two tings hole mi ‘bout the reasoning! The one about the party having/has lost its way (focus) and the other about the need to identify with and incorporate more of the youth of the country. Seriously?

Last is first. There was too much youth in the party, just ask Damion Crawford, Raymond Pryce, Julian Robinson, Arnaldo Brown (Rolls Royce mouth), Lynvale Bloomfield, Lisa Hanna, Delano Franklin (Maserati mouth), Dr. Dayton Campbell.

To me, it is unfair to say the PNP did not identify enough with the youth. In other words, say how and where, please? Did they, were they trying too hard to change the status quo, the m.o., and so, some had to be jettisoned to quell any more rebellion?

If you see and know something, say something, please! DWL

Now, when and where did the people’s party lose its way? And in your attempt to answer the question, you must bear in mind that you cannot lose your way in the middle or at the end/tail/back, assuming you are not in reverse!

25 -30 years ago is a damn long time, like at the height of democratic socialism, when Havana was as close as Kingston as Cross Roads is to Half Way Tree! Just saying..? If the people’s party lost it way from ‘dem time deh’, it could be that the strategists of the party’s political ideology then, failed to share the metrics, so that over time, it could be varnished with a more pragmatic approach.

That being the case, we have transitioned from a prosperous (hate the word) plantocracy to a tax and borrow democracy!

Simply put, loving the poor then and loving the poor now, is not one and the same. Even the dictionary has re-defined the meaning, to the extent that the ‘now’ generation would prefer it removed from the pages, all together, totally!

I just hope that this latest pm will stop some, if not all the bleeding ‘a yard’. Get over it, folks!

What you will have to live with for another ten months or so, is the US presidential election campaign, as ugly as it gets each and every day.

Whomever Donald Trump is and whatever you think of the man, I honestly think he deserves to have a fair path to the party’s nomination. My point here is, beat him fairly at the polls! A collusion of Cruz and Kasich or whomever, will be no better for America, which has lost it way under Barack Obama!

‘memba dat! And if you want a more poignant reference point. Go to the story of Lot’s wife!

Folks, that’s today’s conversation. As usual, you have the last word. Share your thoughts.


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