“Two things define you..your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have something, everything!” – Anonymous

CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, May 16th

Manic Monday it is, folks and there is so much on my chest to get off in this one, small talk, that mi nuh kno’ how it a guh go!

As I predicted last week, the 2016-17 budget debate would be different. Donald Trump continues to take giant steps in the direction of the nation’s capital city and Zika virus or not, the train to Sambaville, er…skaville, er Brazil, I beg your pardon, has left the station. And guess who is on board? St. Leo. Destination:  Rio!

Who would have thought that the big take away from the opening session of the debate would have been the absence of Prince Phillips, er..Peter Phillips – come on Aubrey, get it together, please! Then again, isn’t the erstwhile gentleman the heir apparent?

Moving right along, next thought!

As it turned out, it was not so much of a convenient missed opportunity/absence, as the former finance wiz kid was away, overseas, attending to very urgent family matters.

As it turned out, the absence of the Opposition spokesman on finance – I prefer…the shadow minister, that’s more Westminster – shared the headlines and the footnotes with the government’s delivery on its election campaign promise, that of providing a tax shelter for persons earning at or below the poverty line.

Finance Minister Audley Shaw announced for those who were listening, that the first phase of the relief will start in July (2016) and the second portion, on April 1, next year! Hold the laughter, please! What did your grandmother tell you about promises…and April 1, not necessarily in the same sentence and/or in that order..?

Now you can laugh!

What is most refreshing for me, from this distance, is the response/feedback from persons in high and low places, the boardrooms and street corners, commentators and all. Did the government deliver or make an attempt to deliver?

That is the J$1.5 million question.

Consider this for a moment. To create a sense of delivery, the government immediately increased the tax threshold on cigarettes, gasoline and port departure. And what that has done is to force a new and costly round of price increases across the island nation. The protest lines are already forming.

Whether it’s the domino effect for the man in the street, or the multiplier effect for students of economics, the dust is still settling, evidenced by the level of caution and guarded optimism that has since greeted the opening salvo!

The stage is now set for the response from the other side. And I can hear my favorite song – Hello/Adele – in the background!

Folks, I have to remind you. Politics make strange bedfellows. Take it any which way you like it.

What is this thing now about Donald Trump, the ‘presumptuous nominee’ for the GOP, in the race to become the next POTUS!

Donald Trump does not like women! Donald Trump at sometime in the distant past, pretended to be his own personal assistant! Is this an attempt to say that he cannot be trusted? Last week, there was uproar over the fact that the maverick entrepreneur attempted to link Mrs. Clinton’s credibility to the past indiscretions of her nearly impeached husband, Hilbilly Clinton.

Of course, it’s in the distant past for the former first couple because Monica is now grown – not necessarily sexier – and gone! So what makes Trump’s distant past, relevant in his aspirations to take up residence in Washington, DC, next January, and not so for Clinton?

He’s not being called the ‘teflon Don’ without reason!

Those of us who are still in denial that American politics/civil rights agenda has come full circle, need to stand an extra minute in front of the mirror. Black or white or color, same difference, it matters!

Jehovah is merciful, always!

Folks, that’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts!



  1. The People of Jamaica, like the People of the United States, are Eternal Suckers, to this Illusion, called Democracy.Politics for the most part, is not about switching from one charlatan to the next,but learning how to control them. Right now, Big Money controls them all. In other words, the System is rigged against us! So where do we go from here?..”One Love”….The:Elder

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