CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Tuesday, April 5th

Gentle folks, the blessings of another day and the opportunity to converse. There is quite a bit to say and so little time, as in this case, so little space in which to say it.

There is the race against time and the forces of evil, to get ‘The Donald’ out of the race to be the next POTUS. There is the ‘mission possible’ saga of the PNP self destructing, the PM Andrew Holness and the JLP Administration searching the haystack for monies to keep its campaign promise, and of course West Indies cricket, climbing back to the top of the heap, last weekend.

Sitting, watching and listening, I am being drawn nearer and nearer each day to the conclusion that the forces of evil are at work or play – your choice – in the Vote 2016 presidential campaign, here in these United States.

Donald Trump, like the ugly sixteen others who started the race on the Republican side, must outslug each other, quick, lame and lazy, to first get the party’s nomination and be endorsed at the upcoming convention. I am yet to see any match, any contest of this nature that is played out squeaky clean. Even in a beauty pageant, one contestant will be declared the prettiest and best. Go figure!

I have a suggestion for Mr. Trump. Get permission to use the track from Bob Marley called ‘Bad Card’.

The same way that Cruz and company wants to be the nominee, so does The Donald, as the slugfest rolls off the canvas, exits the ring and into the gutter. I maintain that nothing is wrong with the fight, it’s the plan that is skewed.

If any and every Dick, Tom and Harry can run for president, then run wid it! A soh di ting set, seen?

I guarantee you, that you will see and hear a different quacking ‘Donald’ when all this primary and secondary stuff is over and done.  And don’t for a moment think that there is much more civility on the other side of the draw either, where Mrs. Clinton is being outboxed and outfoxed by the sly (Colonel) Bernie Sanders.

A friend joked the other day that when Hillary goes back to the White House, Monica will be all grown and gone, no longer the kid crawling around on hands and knees, putting stuff in her mouth. And yes, I am disgusted by those who say that if and when The Donald becomes the next POTUS, they will have no option but to pack their bags and belongings and return to the country of their birth, to which I say…To God be the glory!

How often we swap the Black Dawg for the Monkey..?

Such is the state of the presidential campaign here, but what of the Jamaican scenario where, it seems, All Fools Day came early, like on the 25 Day of February, in the year of our Lord, 2016!

PM Andrew Michael Holness and his deputy essential, Audley Shaw, have been searching and searching and continues to search for the missing Brinksmobile, containing the billions in ‘promissory’ notes to cover the much hyped tax plan.

I hope they find it before the promise becomes uncomfortable. They deserve more than five years. And I think they will get more than a term this time around. That will be enough time for the PNP to complete its metamorphosis, starting with the announcement by Paul Burke that he will step aside and make way for Julian Robinson, after all, Lisa is not only beautiful, she has brains!

It was very refreshing to hear Peter Phillips saving the PNP from further embarrassment, in saying that he will not engage in any public contest for the leadership of the party above and beyond what is taking place internally.

The post mortem has been the most intense in the storied history of the party! Not to mention, each exam has a different outcome. I am yet to hear from the party spokesman, someone whom I know very well and who is never lost for words!

I remember being glued to that little 13 inch Black & White TV set at my neighbors house to watch the start of the hit series then, ‘Mission Impossible’. If you miss the start of the show, you miss the best part because that’s when and where they summarize the ‘mission’ before the tape self destructs. DWL.

So here we have it out in the open, that JAMAICA is not PNP country more than it is for the Laborites. Dare is say, Orange is the new Green!

In the case of Peter Phillips, twice bitten, once shy. The third time will not necessarily be the charm!

And speaking of charm, I do not know what to make of this mumbling in Mumbai, this past weekend. Controversy seems to follow the West Indies cricket team, like how night follows day. In victory and in defeat, there is no celebration, no love.

Instead of celebrating the fact that the Caribbean region is undoubtedly the very best in the world in the newest and shortest form of the sport of cricket, we are left to wipe the eggs of our faces from the unprovoked vomit of Darren Sammy, no less a part of the successful T20 campaign.

The fact that the selectors got it right this time, for the first time in a long time, was no comfort to the skipper. He is not a fool, mind you. And so, instead of using the moment to embrace the team, the administrators and what may very well be a revival of the fortunes for the region, he tore into the clumsiness of the administrators, long a bone of contention in the direction of the sport.

The heroics of the individuals and the team gets buried in this conundrum of melancholy, ever so unfairly. But some will say, if not now, when?

For me, certainly not now, not when you want to revel in the fact that we are champions of the world at the men’s U-19 level of the sport and in one weekend, our women and men reached Mt. Everest, the summit of the sport. To be the best you have to beat the best. West Indies did that and some. Going from the ‘worst indies’ to the’ best indies’, like the way it was when I was a boy, when Peter Grey and Greg Morris ruled TV and Gary Sobers and Clive Lloyd, et all, showed the world how gentlemen played the game!  It does not get better than this. Sports, like politics is cyclic.

But hold on. Wasn’t India the scene of the crime of the century, two summers ago? Well, having gone back and cleaned up the evidence, I hope India will dismiss the charges!

Congrats to our youth, women and men cricketers from the region, champions all!

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.


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