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CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, August 31th

Good morning and good day, folks, as we acknowledge the goodness of God, the Father of all creation.  Allah Akbar!

It’s the middle of the week and the end of another month, as time races on, forward! King Usain is home as my mind is on things and times back home, once upon a time, not so long ago!

You will recall that in Monday’s conversation, I waded into the still murky waters of our politics and noted that as the badly need transformation process plays out among the comrades, there will be some shame and scandal, for of such is the DNA of our politics. ‘Our’ here meaning Jamaica’s!

I am happy that the chickens are coming home to roost because I for one, is a firm believer that at the end of every tunnel, however long and dark, there will be some light!

Karl Blythe who seems to have his ED under control, has given the T-process some vitality much unlike Peter Phillips, Phillip Paulwell and Peter Bunting, could muster, together!

Something will give and go, however impossible it might seem at this stage. Let me be clear from the outset. Standing firm or most recently, standing your ground, is not an option, in this instance! Neither are pointed references to recent actions and decisions by David Cameron and others, necessary at this time.

Some level of transformation, be it at the party or government level, is inevitable after a general election, period. What is avoidable is the shame and scandal, usually a by-product of stubbornness, aka arrogance!

Are you with me, so far?

So now, if what the doctor from country – and that doesn’t mean he’s a quack), is trying to say and do, is being brushed off by the comrades in Upper St. Andrew, as sour grapes of wrath, then ‘here comes danger, welcome the savior’ (Chronixx), in the person of Norman Home, party treasurer, whose report could be the light at the end of the tunnel.

To understand Mr. Home’s reasoning that, all things remaining equal, the party was severely handicapped in its campaigning during the last general election cycle because heavyweight comrades pocketed campaign funds, is to understand that some part of the core of the party is rotting and the puss has nowhere to go. The stench is becoming unbearable!

And seriously so!

Loquacious Paul Burke may have pointed the first accusatory finger and as they say, guilty conscience needs no accuser! Reading today now that Omar Davies want China and the rest of the free world to know that, ‘it wasn’t him, he did not ‘run wid it’ (the bag a money), this time!

How dare Paul Burke, wanting to tarnish a distinguished career by such an honorable man? Talk ‘bout politics makes strange bedfellows, indeed, comrades!

There’s your story, my story and history, but only God sees and knows the truth! Selah

Of course, it made for very amusing reading that the party president and Opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller, was consistent in acknowledging no knowledge of the telling report of misappropriation of party funds leading up to the elections.

Here I am thinking that she was on an overseas assignment when the question was asked of her. That she bothers to answer is one thing. Saying that she will have to look into it when she ‘gets home’, reads like an agenda item on comedy central.

Mind you, she was wrapping up a function at a venue in Kingston, Jamaica!


When DK Duncan realized her plight, he rushed to her defense, telling those who would listen, that he will/would be briefing the OL on developments surrounding the Home Report, soonest!

A damning, damaging report that’s been out there since July?

The kind of report that, given its potential for legal reference, has the former, senior minister making it expressly clear that he wants it all – allegations and evidence – out in the open, on the world wide web, if you will. It is no longer an internal party matter!

Woe, it’s me, shame and scandal in the family! What you ain’t know, you ain’t know!

If you are heading back to school, strive to be the best!

Folks, that’s today’s conversation. You have the last word! Keep the thoughts coming and thank you for sharing.




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