CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Tuesday, November 22nd

Good day, folks. I missed yesterday’s conversation while recovering from a weekend hang-over. As it turned out, my Thanksgiving came early, allowing me an opportunity to sneak into New York City to celebrate with my first and second families, both very near and dear to me, too.

Early Thanksgiving was spent in a little town, appropriately named Little Neck, somewhere on the northeastern border where Queens meets Long Island. I was expecting to see a little bit more family, considering the import and worth of the occasion but give thanks we did with food, fellowship and fun. And on behalf of President Barry Harvey, the officers and the over 275 Cornwall College family members (alumni and friends), it was a celebration worth the while and especially so for Bronx-based businessman Godfrey Mitchell, who was recognized for his years of service to the Association.

Thank you, Sir!

So as not to spoil the mood and your appetite with just 48 hours to go before the real ‘dig in’, I want to use today’s conversation to encourage you to be mindful and responsible in whatever you do, this way you will be around to participate in the interesting times and developments ahead.

Folks , let’s not kid ourselves. There’s a lot to be thankful for in this fast, changing world of ours. You survived not one but two brutal election cycles in the same year and who knows, next Tuesday, a week from today, what sankey will be singing from capital city, Kingston.

Municipal elections are important, too! From what I am gleaning and observing, one side wants to take it all back and the other side is predicting a clean sweep in some key ‘battleground’ constituencies where no pork barrels have been delivered for quite some time now.

Christmas is just around the corner!

What I do know is that there are traditional high schools, new secondary schools, community colleges and Universities but no ‘blasted’ electoral college to give your vote to who it so chooses! This election, like all others before it and most recent as this past February 25, will be decided by the majority of the popular vote.

What is most interesting in all of this is that Jamaica seems to embrace everything America, the good, the bad and the indifferent. Election time in Jamaica is always interesting. Why our leaders choose Christmas and Thanksgiving time is the misunderstood part for me, a part-time student of political science!

As I hinted earlier, it’s almost dinner time and even though I got both a mouthful and an earful last Saturday at the historic Douglaston Manor, I am not out to cause an indigestion. Quite a number of people are paying attention. And these are folks whose work with their respective alumni associations and organizations, have not gone unnoticed.

They wear their decorations on their sleeves, if not their foreheads. They point to a disturbing disconnect between 767 Third Avenue (2/3 Floors), in Manhattan and 81 Duke Street, Kingston. They tell me that the Andrew Holness Administration is moving in a new direction with this Diaspora Movement, and that is why everyone is so quiet and hush hush. They brought proof, meaning that someone told somebody that I was going to be in town and not just a fly on the wall!

The next time you hear the words Economic Growth Council and Global Connect Jamaica, mention in the same sentence, take a careful listen. I have news for you!

Here it is now that key confidantes are feeding me with two different stuffing but they taste the same. Once source is that there will be a Jamaica Diaspora Conference, somewhere in Jamaica, next June, and another of my sources say, not true, because that’s not what the just released, 16 page Economic Growth Council (EGC) document, entitled 5in4, is saying on page 14!

Interesting times, indeed, folks. Let’s give thanks while we can. A new America is taking shape in front of our very eyes and right under our noses. Not that it was not promised! You were either too busy or don’t care (say it in Jamaican…’dung Kyah’) about what goes on around you.

Folks, it’s almost dinner time. Be responsible. Don’t be fooled by what you see. Have a Happy Turkey Day.


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