CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, May 9th

Our Father in the heavens above, I thank you for waking mercies and your guidance, henceforth!

Jamaicans here, there and everywhere and especially those with a vested interest in the affairs of state, will be glued to their medium of choice for news and information, as the 2016-2017 budget debate gets under in parliament, later this week.

Messers Audley Shaw and Andrew Holness, in that order, will tell Jamaicans all, not just Laborites who are dreaming $ signs, how they hope to finance the fairy tale promise of the 21st century that got them across the political Red Sea, three months ago.

Oh, and by the way, if you did not set the alarm, the first 100 days of the new government in office, will soon go by, be gone, without notice, just saying!

How the two wise men explain the mystery and the magic, will mean a lot to ‘yardies’ – or for those who despise the terminology, Jamaicans in the Diaspora – who are quietly packing their belongings as the ‘presumptuous nominee’ of the Republican party, Donald Trump, continues to takes giant steps in the direction of his ‘dream address’, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

Real estate is his thing, remember..?

Folks, this is politics of a different kind, not yet on the curriculum of our schools, colleges, universities and other places of learning.

We are aware that the USA was asked to help with finding the killers of two missionaries on the island a fortnight ago and if we take the Capitol Hill ‘Fraudsters’ – with a capital ‘F’ – lol, out the equation, impossible as that is and may seem at the moment – God knows what other help and assistance was solicited by the chief negotiator, when he visited Washington, DC, last week.

Commentators from both sides of Jamaica’s huge political divide agree that the proposed JLP election tax plan, real or imagined or both or none of the above, exposed an anemic, emaciated, Portia Simpson Miller led administration, needed to be put out of its political misery.

And almost 100 days in, I’m still scouring the media for a believable, ‘yes we can’ explanation to the tax plan. I will temper my enthusiasm and see if in fact, the February showers will bring May flowers! I may even go out on a long limb here and say that, I am not so sure that the electorate bought into the science and technology of the strategy but more so, for the suggestion of change, a new direction in governance!

Have you ever been tired of something, everything, anything, to the point where you are willing to try something new, something different, just for the heck of it, consequence be damned..?

Are you with me, folks..?

They are saying that the JLP did the math (their math homework), which begs the question…so what did the PNP do..? Do you want my answer..? They used the time fighting with the teacher, much like the leggo beast pickney dem, masquerading as students and mashing up and tearing down our once upon a time, pride of place, school system!

Yes, I know, different ginnaration (sic) and the accompanying mediocrity must be tolerated as well! Is that your final answer? You know what, tell that to someone else!

So with education, healthcare and crime being the proverbial monkeys on the backs of the new administration and a projection to spend a mere $600 billion, way less than last year’s total, it will be most interesting to hear and read the revised 10-point plan of action that will move ordinary Jamaicans from poverty to prosperity, because if I’m understanding the formula correctly, this government ‘nuh like poor’!

‘To be poor is a crime’,  and God knows, we have too much of that! Just ask the ever-ready, reggae recording artiste, Freddie McGregor!

I need to stop here and remind myself that in 1976, The University of Cambridge, wherever that was/is, returned my GCE ‘Ordinary’ – not Advanced – Level mathematics exam papers to Cornwall College with a ‘u’- ungraded, not fit to be ‘graded’. DWL

I leave you to figure out the subjects I got ‘A’s in…! And just to be clear, I did ‘A’-Level Economics!

Jamaica’s budget debate should not be the uninterested, uninspired, boredom that usually obtains and I guess so because of the expected input from our own, home grown power brokers, Michael Lee Chin, Butch ‘Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ Stewart, et al!

I note here that the importance of the budget presentation will not be lost on Jamaicans overseas and especially here in these United States, who are of the view that a Donald Trump presidency, not just the ‘presumptuous’ party nominee, will return America to the pre-Civil Rights era when everything and I mean everything, was seen and lived in black and white, not the kaleidoscope of colors that we have become accustomed to these past 50 years!

Need I remind you here that politics is as cyclic as it is local.

Looking on, and as the last GOP man standing now ‘til November, I don’t think he has a chance like a snowball in hell, if he’s going to use DNA science to link Mrs. Clinton to her husband’s indiscretions of the distant past.

Then again, who would have thought that a year ago, someone like a Donald Trump would have gotten this far in a primary contest to select the next leader of the ‘free world’? Democracy at work, folks!

Here’s my take. Never say never! Keep packing your bags and belongings and have a plan ‘B’, just in case the Jamaican electorate this past February, mistakenly graded the Social Studies papers instead of the Math papers.

Jehovah jireh!

Folks, that’s today’s conversation and thank you for sharing. As always, you have the last word and I invite you to share your thoughts.


3 Comments on NEVER SAY NEVER..!

  1. Politics in the United States, as well as my beloved Jamaica, provides refuge for Charlatans, Rascals, Hypocrites and other Traitors to the People. Occasionally, you run into an exception to the rules! As always, “One Love”….The: The Elder

  2. Let’s not get lost in the forest because of the trees. Lets take a step back and look at the big picture. The analysis for Jamaica requires an overview. Our problems must categorize the issues. To explain what I mean let me give an example. Don’t quote me on the specifics. Let’s look at the growth rate. Jamaica is growing their population at about 3% per annum net. Every 35 years the population is doubling. If it were not for legal and illegal immigration to “London, Canada and USA” the actual population would be more than it is today. There are scarce resources on the island for which the growing population is competing. The Bauxite industry which gave a little boost to the economy is now at a low ebb. AM I correct? The only thing left is tourism. That could be a boon to our growth. However, most of the money making goes right back to the USA. That leaves us with remittances from London, Canada and USA. Plus of course the IMF from our Uncle Sam comes in and say we have to tighten our Government belt.
    So it is not really surprising that as a country we are floundering. So one political party in power, which has no clue, says they are going to fix the problem they get blamed. Then in comes another party equally with no clue, does the same thing.
    But as intellectual people we should start putting forth concrete ideas to fix the problem despite the odds. So let us start doing strategic analyses and forget the blame game.
    Are there any bright idea guys out there, with great ideas, no matter if you steal it from somewhere willing to post their ideas in this forum for discussion? If so go ahead and let’s talk.

  3. OK I guess no one with ideas have read my comment or cares to continue this discussion. So let me respond to my previous response. Here is one idea.
    Why not let us retire to Jamaica. That means all of us who are retiring. Let us retire to a secure community with guards and Alcatraz style fencing and video cameras an armed security guards.
    Let us not just sit in our comfort zones in Florida, New York, Toronto, Atlanta, London and everywhere on the planet while pronouncing solutions in which we do not wish to participate. Let us join or form a think tank, which is a non- partisan, non-sectarian, non-religious organization operating inside Jamaica. From that vantage point inside Jamaica we can see first hand the issues confronting Jamaica. Then let us formulate solutions and plans for the short term and for the long term. Then let us create a strategy to implement that plan. Let us do it in a cheerful but serious spirit. What say you?

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