CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, August 22th

Good day folks and welcome back to life outside the jungle. For many of us, the past two weeks was a thrill ride of no mean order. Coming as it does, once every four years, the summer Olympic Games is that singular summit of sporting discipline like no other!

Whatever was our medium, live or delayed, it was worth the while. The sights and sounds of and from the best athletes from over 200 countries, competing in some twenty-eight sports, will never be duplicated.

I am one of the easily converted  that Brazil will benefit tremendously from staging the games and this is why I have no sympathy for Ryan Locthe, not because he is an American and not because the 200-plus strong Team USA, is better than the rest.

Yes, they did well to restore some of the shine, some of the luster to their fading track & field fortunes and kudos to them, but even while they were doing that, here was this one guy trying to destroy Brazil’s ‘shine’.

I could not agree with the Daily News more that he is indeed a monster and I hope the IAAF and the IOC ‘deal wid ‘im kase’, even if the USOC wants to dismiss his drunken stupor as youthful exuberance! My God, I hate that characterization!

You know what, unfair game play twice, always, always!

Now, instead of me using this precious, little space to ‘big up’ our larger than life, Caribbean sisters and brothers, who competed so valiantly in Rio, here I am getting hot under the collar, over this ‘damn bwoy’, this ungrateful bastard of an American, name Ryan Locthe!

He wants to come clean now? Tell him to come and clean my soiled ass! And if I lose my writing privileges after this, so be it!

Here is why!

Hope Solo (and if you don’t know her, you don’t need to), tried to scare everyone, less than a month before the Games, that Brazil was a Zika infested, unkempt jungle, not fit to host the summer summit of sports and that teams and athletes should stay away!

By now, you know her story. The American soccer team that she was asked to lead, was given its first ever, dishonourable discharge before the medal round, a swift kick in the rear by Sweden, at the quarter final stage of the competition!

So much for ingrates and bla-blah mouths! ‘A soh destiny deal wid dem’. KMT!

‘Look how Zika deh rip up Florida an mi nuh ‘ear no govament deh issue travel advisory. Not even mi nah tek no extra precaution an a deh mi liv’. ‘Den again, maskitta nuh bite maskitta!

As NBC, which provided my commentary, reported – under no duress, Brazil did very well under the circumstances, so what was Locthe’s conspiracy about, or is it something in the water? Help me out, here, somebody!

Simply put, you cannot excuse such a calculated attempt to cause mischief and mass hysteria. Locthe must be held accountable for his action and indiscretion, including but not limited to being stripped of his medals, certainly from the Rio Games. That’s where he committed a crime.

In his state of drunken consciousness, he knew what he was doing. He committed a crime and attempted to cover it up, because only America have good to excellent detectives, America is the only country in the world where the justice system works!

To underline how calculated he was, he must have been saying to his accomplices, “these Portuguese don’t speak English, well not even English, American, so let’s splash water in their eyes and confuse the hell out of them!

Ungrateful bastards, all. He is lucky that the Brazilian cops are not as trigger-happy as the ones in these United States color matters more than life!

I know of athletes who go on tour, break curfew and in the process, trash and vandalize property and live to regret it. They have not seen a national uniform since then, let alone an airport and the inside of an airplane!

I hope the IAAF and the IOC will make another example of him, if not them and ‘dun dem’!

I am upset because It was not easy for Brazil, as big a country as it is, to host the Olympics in 2016. Just imagine for a moment the level of disunity among government officials regarding staging the games and calls for impeachment of the president over the ‘misappropriation of state funds’. And on top of that, workers took to the streets to protest non-payment of salaries, delaying construction deadlines in the lead up to the games.

Brazil does not need to ‘turn the other cheek’ or ‘look away’. Lochte’s action was a clear attempt to destroy and deceive. Brazil must seek an indictment and send the right, strong message to athletes that your privileges carry a high degree of responsibility.

Do not soften your stand. IAAF and IOC personnel don’t live in your county, they are not part of the daily Brazilian experience and they are the ones with the vote!

Everybody wanted Brazil to fail. Lochte knew that and he went out and set the perfect stage for the world to say ‘I told you so’! That’s why he should not go unpunished because such behavior has no place on the same page and in the same space with such spectacle of that thunderous, right foot PK, into the top of the German goal by soccer’s poster boy, Neymar, a two year, belated revenge on the Battle of Bella Horizonte; the new golden girl of sprinting, Elaine Thompson; King Usain, who delivered on his promise of perfection, not once, not twice but three times!

Goodbye Rio. Immortality lives! Hello Tokyo and until then, I will continue to live on McLeod Nine! Jamaica strong and golden!

Folks, that’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.


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