KIDS SAY THE DARNEST THINGS, just ask young Zachery!

Candidate Roxanne and friend.

South Florida — Caribbean American candidate for State (Florida, South) Representative, Roxanne Valies says that one of her favorite scriptures is 1 Corinthians 12 verse 14: For the body does not consist of one member, but of many. That everyone, just as they are, is important and has a role to play in the broader community was instilled in her as a child. Children should be seen and not heard did NOT apply in her childhood home. “I learn a lot from children,” she says. “Their honesty is refreshing. Their joy de vivre is contagious. And I am not surprised in the least that with two Masters Degrees behind me, I still pick up a new vocabulary word every now and then from this little six year old. When I hear the ‘big’ word, so perfectly embedded in a complex sentence, I know I that I am on the right path in running for office.  I do it so that all the little smarty-pants like Zachery will have a better opportunity and a level playing field to be all that they can be when they grow up.”


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