Jamaican filmmakers bring a Festival of Faith Films to South Florida

Hoovey- produced by Sean McNamara, producer of Soul Surfer

By Aubrey Campbell – Monday, January 25th, 2016 

MWimba Texas - the Wrestler from the Congo who uses his name for a charity to help Albinos.
MWimba Texas – the Wrestler from the Congo who uses his name for a charity to help Albinos.

The inaugural staging of Inspired Faith Film Festival will be held at the First Baptist Church of Plantation on the weekend of February 18-20, 2016. Creators of the festival, Michael Brown and Judith Falloon-Reid of BarriVision Films who themselves are award winning faith-based Jamaican filmmakers, were inspired to develop the festival in a bid to bring more independent Faith-based films to South Florida.

The festival will feature 45 films from 10 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Barbados, Iran and Germany, ranging in lengths from 60-second mini-films to 2-hour full-length features.

“There are hundreds of film festivals worldwide every year with an equal number of independent mainstream and edgy films vying to be accepted into these festivals. Faith-based films rarely make the cut,” said Festival Director Michael Brown. “There are a vast number of excellent inspirational films being made and dedicated Faith Film Festivals are sometimes the only way to get your films to a wider audience and build recognition.”

The films vary greatly in genres, from dramas to comedy, but at the core, all are inspirational. The Cokeville Miracle recounts the 1986 school hostage situation in Cokeville, Wyoming and Hoovey, from the producers of Soul Surfer, tells the true story of a young basketball player whose family and faith overcame life-threatening odds. Between the Lines, produced in Germany, offers a very thought-provoking look at a Christian and Muslim soldier imprisoned together while Bonk, produced locally, provides many moments of laughter and Spoof tells the story of a brave rabbit using animation.

The festival is sponsored by BarriVision Films, First Baptist Church of Plantation, KPatrice Consultants and Peaceful Waters Photography. For more information about Inspired Faith Film Festival visit www.inspriedfaithff.com

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