Jamaica House Opens Today in Rio

CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, August 10th.

Hump Day it is folks and a great day to be a Jamaican in Rio. And to start today’s conversation, let me share with you a nice piece of news, just in from the agency promoting Jamaica’s image, overseas.


 I-Octane & Kymani Marley Among Confirmed Reggae Acts Set to Rock Rio this Summer

Jamaica House 2016, the hospitality house for athletes, fans and lovers of Jamaica, is set to open in Rio on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. Jamaica joins more than 30 countries that will transform some of the city’s most breathtaking locations into venues for enjoying culture, gastronomy and sport. Jamaica House is located in one of the most photographed areas which has been captured on many of Rio’s postcards and expected to provide a buzz and excitement for Destination Jamaica over the twelve day period. 

 Jamaica House will bring Jamaican culture and flavors to the hot spot of Rio de Janiero. It will operate daily from 7 pm, to midnight until August 21, at The Jockey Club, South of Rio. Tickets to Jamaica House 2016 are starting at R$55 (≈US$17.50) and can be purchased athttp://www.jamaicahouse.com.

 A host of activities are scheduled throughout each day, including destination presentations to the travel trade, culinary exposés, dance classes, consumer promotions, VIP client hosting and a location for viewing the races as they happen. Each night, Jamaica House will feature top reggae artistes, backed by an all-star band, including: I-Octane, Nature, Luciano and Kymani Marley.

 “Jamaica House 2016 is the place to be during the Olympic Games this summer to celebrate the successes of Team Jamaica,” said Paul Pennicook, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “We will use Jamaica House to host and engage key strategic partners, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, media and foreign dignitaries as we showcase the best of the destination. We also have a great entertainment package lined up for all to enjoy.”

 The hospitality houses have become a recent feature of the Olympics and were a crowd favorite in both the Beijing and London Olympics. Jamaica House is sure to capitalize on the buzz after being among the top 5 most popular Olympic houses in London. Excitement is already building in Rio and there will be planned photographic and art exhibitions, as well as screenings for films and documentaries that focus on Jamaica. 

 Joining the JTB as sponsors of Jamaica House 2016 are corporate giants Appleton, Digicel, Red Stripe and Sandals.  

 This is indeed good news because I don’t think that the party would be complete with some high octane reggae rhythms. So, this is right on point. And get this, if you can’t make it to Rio, the Jamaica Tourist Board is bringing Rio to you. How is that?

I don’t think I am special but I have a personal invite to one of the Olympics Watch Parties in my neck of the woods and then it dawned on me that Irwin Clare, Sr, in New York City and me down here in the deep south, we dropped the ball on this one, if only because we consider ourselves Track & Field mosquitoes, of the harmless kind.

But good to see an agency like the JTB stepping in and stepping up. Folks, if you would like an invite, just call up the JTB in your area, no questions asked.

And moving right along, Michael Phelps may own the pool and the Final 5 can lay claim to the gymnasty (sic) hardware and all the accolades, but that’s it and that will be it.

Here’s my theorem. If grandfather Phelps can do it, Usain St. Leo Bolt can do it, better! So imagine how tickled pink I was, watching Italy stick it to them damn Yankess on the volleyball court, on Tuesday. The Americans have already lost two games in the first round, and like I noted on SM, their medal dreams are in tatters! Good for them!

I just don’t like when one team is too dominant. So let’s raise a cheer for Team Jamaica..strong..and growing

Folks, who would have thought. The wait is over. Where will you watching from..?

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts as you watch the Games of the 31st Olympiad, live from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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