CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, June 20th.

All protocols having already been observed, please allow me to offer that God is merciful.

Allah Akbar!

As we start another day and another week, it’s hard to ignore one of the headline-grabbing news of the weekend, the record, death causing temperatures in some sections of the country.

For many, it will be a summer of discontent!

Heat of another kind was being generated in other parts of the world as well, this time by the contortions etched on some famous faces, as they celebrated the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat or a combination of both.

Over in Europe where the continental soccer contest – EUFA EURO 2016 – is in full effect, hooliganism, often-times the face of racism, continues to rear its ugly head in the streets of France, the host nation.

Well, minus the questionable fan behavior, the America’s Cup version – Copa Centenario – enters an interesting phase this week, the semi-finals, with host nation USA, taking on favorites Argentina with all its ‘Messi’, and title holders Chile entertaining Colombia.

It does not get any better than this, in these parts! The promise of good, entertaining soccer is an understatement. What is not an understatement is the very poor, anemic performance of the Caribbean nations in the tournament.

Take nothing away from a rebuilding Haiti team that was able to score a memorable goal, albeit against a Dunga coached Brazil team that’s destined for the dumps!

Match that against a Jamaica team, champions of the Caribbean region – CFU – that could not score a goal even if a ten year old was tending the nets. Against Venezuela and Uruguay, I am sympathetic, I empathize, some, but against one of the worst Mexican teams, a team that eventually got clobbered by Chile, handled like child’s play, the Reggae Boyz were without rhyme, reason and a rhythm!

So much for Reggaeton!

Dunga was put in the can and taken out with the trash, and what happens in Kingston? Hell, nothing. It’s business as usual at ‘the office’! And then you wonder why there is a lack of corporate and governmental support for the national program! SMH.

I can guarantee you though, that all is not lost for the summer and the cause of the Jamaicans. In a different light, that will shine golden in many places around Rio, Brazil will be brilliant.

The World Health Organization (WHO), has given the ‘go ahead’ for the Games of the 2016 Summer Olympiad to be held as planned, with pregnant women being asked to stay away from the Zika Virus hotbed that the sex experts….oops, health experts say is cooling  down!

As expected, there will be a lot of testing going on which will be ‘ok’ for Putin’s Russians, most if not all of whom will not be invited to the three week-long, quadrennial party.

Knowing how the Kremlin and the KGB work, never say never! They will be there and you don’t even know it! I am just hoping that there is no more scandal until after the Games.

Reading from BBC sources that new president and Brit, Lord Sebastian Coe is under suspicion of impropriety in his election bid to win the top seat on the world government of the sport – IAAF – is disturbing, and all the more reason when it is alleged that he enlisted the son of his predecessor, to secure the votes of affiliate associations from the national federations of Africa.

Both Father and son left thru’ the back door, in disgrace amidst charges of corruption.

The Russians are crying foul, vowing to be back, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger. In their opinion, it’s the IAAF that needs to be dis-banded and not the Russian national federation of athletics.

They are even questioning the validity of the IAAF’s action, pointing to the fact that as an understudy, Coe was/is complicit to the conspiracy that led to the banning of athletes and the federation.

It’s salivation (sic) time in anticipation of when and where the next anti-doping forensic spotlight will shine!

Folks, sports and miracles can now be used in the same sentence, for the first time in a half century, almost before I was born, wow. And if you are having some degree of difficulty in wrapping your head around the spectacle that unfolded at the Oracle in Oakland, last evening, you are not alone, you will never walk alone!

Greatness is not born, you achieve it! And as much as I love an ‘underdog’ story, the one that takes you from rags to riches, I gave the Cleveland Cavaliers the chance of a snowball in hell, going up against the best offensive team in the league.

Two games in, I said my ‘Hail Mary’, packed it in and was ready to go fishing!

I will end today’s conversation by saying, long live the King, hail to the champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers! After all, when hype and substance co-exist in the same theatre, it makes for an exhilarating show.

That’s today’s conversation. As always, you have the last word. Go ahead and share your thoughts.

Fathers and dads are not always one and the same! Hope your day, yesterday, was a happy one! To God be the glory.



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