CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, October 12th

Good day folks and thanks to the creator for His mercies. I woke up with a very heavy heart this morning, influenced not so much by the new US political reality show but by a social media post, showing a cache of guns in Haiti, destined for Jamaica.

Let me make it clear from the outset that I did no ‘fact checking’ on this SM post, so you have the option of not reading any further!

Last week, Hurricane Matthew swept thru’ sections of the Caribbean region and the Southeastern USA, causing considerable destruction and death. Haiti was the hardest hit with nearly 1,000 deaths and damage to crops and infrastructure.

For the second time in six years, much of the free world is coming to her aid and questioning, in reverence, why Haiti and why again?

Well, here is why. Something is radically wrong with that place! France taking their money and leaving, the rise of the Black Jacobins, the rise and fall of the Duvalier dy-nasty (my emphasis, with an attitude, of course), the practice and prevalence of black magic/voodoo, abject poverty…..whatever, something is very wrong with the land.

For whatever the reason, the ‘Apostle’ Matthew turned away from Jamaica, changed its course, much to the disbelief of environmental scientists and blasted a section of Haiti, among other places. And here we are thinking out loud, how could so many people die with all that warning and forecast?

And, how ironic? Haiti will receive aid to rebuild. Not so for Jamaica, which was spared the wrath of the hurricane.

The death and destruction of that section of Haiti, exposed a dangerous underbelly of the former French colony. If this SM post is true, the splintered structures that served as homes and places of business were in fact safe haven for guns and ammunition, destined for the streets of Jamaica.

And my first reaction was. Not true! But when you listen to the accompanying audio, the story and the storyteller, you have to conclude differently, even if you are living under a rock, in a different world. Remember now that along with the title of the world’s sprint factory, Jamaica also holds the title of the murder capital of the world, and a dubious one at that.

How often you hear our leaders and elected officials complain that Jamaica does not manufacture guns, instead pointing that accusatory finger at these United States. How often you hear of guns being swapped for cocaine and ganja on the high seas, in international waters, off some coast? And yes, there are stories that the lucrative transshipment route includes Haiti!

On the weekend and in an effort to reinvent herself, Opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller emerged from the shadows to say that Jamaica’s children are under attack, in reference to the shooting deaths of three children in a family of five, in St. Catherine. She went on to say that PM Andrew Holness must pay urgent attention to the crime situation which is spiraling out of control! The PM is on record as saying that a new crime fighting strategy is being worked on!

So guns are not only entering Jamaica in barrels but along its porous coastline. I am reading that the FBI is setting up shop in Kingston, but I am not privy to its remit and I hear that the JDF is relocating part of its strategic set up to Montego Bay.

The quantity and caliber of the guns that appeared on the SM post is no laughing matter. The cover blown off by Apostle Mathew for all to see but wait until you hear the biblical and spiritual reasoning behind it all. Why Haiti and not Jamaica!

I am one of those persons who is very wary of SM, because more often than not, it is used for the wrong reason, neither do I believe that divine intervention is the solution to Jamaica’s crime problem, however, I will hasten to say that these are not pointers to sleep on, especially when part of the conversation is pointing ‘fingers’ at those who are enabling this kind of activity, persons who are well placed, persons who, by virtue of social rank or profession, are embedded at critical checkpoints in the system to prevent detection and detention!

They are referred to as the ‘Big Man’, The ‘Don’, the ‘Untouchable’, the Godfather!

God help us!

How could this be and is the government of Jamaica aware of this? Jamaica’s crime monster is not a partisan political matter. Why is the government, successive governments, unable to even cramp and paralyze this monster?

If in fact that route through Haiti is fact, what has been done, what is being done and is it part of the new plan being worked on by His Holiness (sic)?

After Apostle Matthew took nearly 1,000 souls with him to the pearly white gates, I lamented at the fact that the Caribbean community cannot find any love in Haiti and that the language (barrier) might have something to do with it. I even went as far as to say that maybe China, which is searching for love in these parts, might find a good, lifelong partner in Port-Au –Prince, jungle fever and all!

But, you know what, after that SM post, I want to take it all back, eat my words. I’m never too proud to do that. I have cajones. Man up! No favors, no pity, for a place that is aiding and abetting terror on the land of my birth and especially my backyard, Montego Bay!

Folks, that’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.



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