CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, November 16th

Folks, let’s continue to give thanks for the many blessings of this life. A week from today, you will be sitting with family and loved ones from near and far and dear, to count your many blessings of caring and sharing.

You will have some conversation on the outcome of the US presidential election and maybe, just maybe, the upcoming local government election in Jamaica, on November 29. And as you salivate over what is going on over at the Trump Tower, on trendy Fifth Avenue in money-making Manhattan, my pre-Thanksgiving conversation has to do with a recent visit to London, England, by tourism minister Edmund Bartlett.

I confess that this Diaspora thing – not yet a ‘movement’ – is like a bad dream and now that the US presidential election is no longer in doubt, no longer hinging on a controversial chad, I’m still in the dark as to what this will mean for Jamaicans living in these United States of America, all 2 million of them. Notice, I say ‘them’ because this is one Jamerican who is not frightened by a Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

America will always be racist, period! If you have not experienced it yet, remain asleep.

But to get back on point. In front of a captive, patriotic audience, Minister Bartlett, who will have no difficulty selling ice to an Eskimo, painted a lovely picture of a Jamaican countryside with its rolling hills and tranquil valleys, waiting for large scale investments in agriculture, the kind that Neil Curtis and his FarmUp Jamaica initiative, knows quite a bit about.

Never one to be lost for words and nothing that we have not heard before, a futuristic Ed said that the agriculture sector will be the ‘star performer’ as the Andrew Holness administration and others before him, put all their ‘economic growth’ eggs in that one hospitality trade basket!

Not bad if you ask me. Jamaicans physically leave from Kingston and Montego Bay but their heart and soul remains behind, right there where their navel strings, umbilical cords, if you prefer, were cut.

But in all that smoozing and smooth talking, there is a disturbing and disgusting underbelly that is scaring the daylights out of wannabee investors, literally!

Do I need to go there?

Just imagine with millions of Jamaicans about to take early retirement and head back to paradise, how nice it would be to hear a government emissary speaking from the bottom up, instead of from the top down?

Speak first to those measures and programs in place and those before parliament, designed to make it safe to live and do business. When you do that, you don’t have to say another word. People with money will come!

You get the impression with this Diaspora thing that they’, whomever ‘they’ is/are, want your money but they don’ want you, right?

If you wear, look and smell ‘farin’, those blood hounds will sick/set upon you like a Pit Bull. They know a tourist from a returning resident, of course. That is where the disconnect is, and a big one too! You are inviting me to come and help but at the same time, you are leaving me open to the vultures and the ‘deplorable’ elements of a dysfunctional society!

From the day Donald Trump became the ‘presumptive nominee’ of the Republican Party, Jamaicans started packing their barrels and bags – in that order – waiting to board one of the next five daily flights out!

First it was Michael Manley, now it’s Donald Trump that wants to take all their earthly possessions. Oh my, how the world has turned since the 1970s and now!

Let me be respectful because I live here. President-Elect Donald J. Trump and his party will take back America, back to the days and time when everything was separated and unequal, when there were separate entrance/exit for Black folks and white folks! I will stop here.

But even if Jamericans leave, Jamaica will not benefit, someplace else will. Selling to Londoners is one thing. The Jamericans have already been sold since the wee hours of Wednesday, November 9. Donald Trump did all the work – I was going to say dirty work, but I have to be careful – so why no visit from a diplomat as yet?

We are known to do things fast. ‘Runnin’ wid it’ is one of them.

Ed Bartlett speaks of the ‘spin-off’ industries and benefits of a robust tourist trade. Attractions, culture and heritage, transportation, agriculture, employment, and the list goes on. What you have however, is a society, a demographic that is lost in time.

Brexit left Jamaicans in the United Kingdom with an uncertain future. Jamaicans in the USA are feeling Trump-ed Up. Nauseated! They don’t like to be grabbed and fondled against their will and they are dangerously homophobic.

A Trump presidency will take America back. It has already started. Just watch the objects being thrown out the window and onto busy Fifth Avenue. Out with the new, in with the old. And you think 2016 America would have no reason to be looking back?

Wrong! (say it like how he did in the debate)! LMAO. Happy Thanksgiving holiday, folks. Stuff the turkey, not yourself! Trump will be more than a mouthful!

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts!


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