Election in Jamaica: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Butch Stewart, Oh My!

Aubrey CroppedCampbell’s Commentary: Monday, November 23, 2015 – They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength…selah! May the blessings of the day accompany you, henceforth!
Folks and families stateside are looking to this day and this week, hoping that they will gather one more time to reunite and give thanks for His bountiful mercies.

Let all God’s peeps….oops, people, say a joyful Amen!

After my morning devotion, one thing is clear and that is, Jamaicans will not have to divide their time between electioneering and Christmas! Yet, it is still hard to judge if that’s a blessing or a curse or both or none of the above!
PM Portia Simpson Miller did not ‘call it’ last evening at the rally in St. Bess, as was again being speculated, instead, giving the ‘green with envy’ opposition party, a piece of her tongue!

So it is now official. There will not be another Christmas election, no doubt, on the premise that if the last one was bad for the goose, the gander may (now) suffer the same fate. How often have you heard it…only a damn fool makes the same mistake, twice!
There is talk about political maturity from the standpoint that though the political polarization continues, the need to peacefully co-exist, is winning the day.

Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, entrepreneur extraordinaire, last week brought the two parties to the dinner table, not so much to ‘give thanks’ or say thank you, but in breaking bread together, can shed some light on the way forward for a nation adrift in the Caribbean ‘C’.
Commendable, admirable, maybe, of El Senor Butch, the lone ranger, but what does he knows that we don’t know? What’s in it for him?

As I noted in this space last week, it is time for Jamaica to take the lead and change that section of the parliamentary guidelines regarding how, when and by whom, general elections are held. Here it is that on the eve of general elections, we are relying on the ‘he said, she said, no she did not go there’ reporting, to get a sense of ‘what’s happening’!

Not amused by what he’s hearing and reading in his own paper, an upholstered Mr. Cassidy, the big, bad Sheriff in town, brought the ‘frenemies’ to the table. Good. Bad in that it was a private party and so much of what was said, will remain private.
For Butch to be calling for more discussion, debate and dialogue on the issues, policies and programs, something is awry! And here is why. Either there is too many ‘sand’ on the seashore or he wants to buy back Air Jamaica!

Personally, what is being reported from these mass rallies, is what the fires refused to burn at Riverton City and Retirement landfills. It is that kind of garbage, not worth writing/printing in this space..in this forum!

What is it that the people will vote for, whenever..? A new prison to house British derelicts of Jamaican heritage, or free education? A JEEP that is environmentally unfriendly or a Jamaica that’s going green?

Is it that the Westminster model of government does not support wholesome debates on issues, as we have become so accustomed to in these United States, or is it that you do not want to, can’t afford to reveal your hand while sitting at the table.?
And so, even a manifesto is frowned upon as nothing but a sham. A black dog in one and a monkey in the other bag. I dare you. Let the swapping begin. Well, not now, after Christmas and New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts. I thank you.

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