CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Monday, July 25th.

Folks, another manic Monday and there is bloodletting everywhere. When will it end? This medium offers prayers and condolences to those affected, yet again!

Let’s stop the killing. ALL LIVES MATTER!

Last week, I drew attention to a front page story in the Jamaica Weekly Gleaner- North American edition, pointing to matters ailing the Diaspora movement and the Diaspora representative or Advisory Board Member (ABM) for the USA/NE, in a fit of senility, took it personal.

Now you would think that good sense would triumph and prevail. I guessed wrong, again.

Folks, I will admit that for the Diaspora movement to be a change agent, it has to be more than a politicized version of the Union of Alumni Associations, it has to be more than a politicized version of NAJASO, it needs to be more than a politicized version of the Nurses Association of Jamaica, and more than just a West Indian Social Club.

The above mentioned associations and organizations have been around from they started keeping migration records of our parents and their parents, who would, ever so often, go by the proverbial river of Babylon to sit and remember Zion, joy in their hearts and tears on their faces.

The documentation of these stories is what has brought the crooked politicians out to play football with our patriotic fervor!

My point here is that the pettiness of those in charge is not without precedent!

If nothing else, the news story is pointing to the urgent need for surgery to save the Diaspora movement from its own self inflicted myopia! And that surgery must  include a head transplant.

After more than twelve years of dialogue at the government, diplomatic, private sector and civil society levels, it is high time that the Jamaica Diaspora Movement (JDM) is more engaging, a point that Harold Mignott, Patrick Beckford and Irwine Clare, Sr., will have very little difficulty agreeing with, having done some of the groundwork, themselves.

Folks, look around you and look at the every day celebration of Jamaicans in high places. From Wall Street to Main Street. From the White House to the Big House, from street smarts to rocket science, and ask yourself, why are these folks not a part of the conversation, not a part of the movement, instead making a difference, elsewhere?

Here is where the JDM/USA needs to be. In the conversation that is shaping the next POTUS, in the conversation that will put our remittance partners and enablers at risk for doing what they know best. In the conversation for better and more technologically advanced crime control mechanisms. In the conversation for increased trade and investment opportunities without having to sell out!

Is this current leadership capable of taking us there, to the summit? I don’t think so.  She does not have the time and the know how! She can’t afford to close the doors to her business, so that wherever she goes and whatever she is doing, for and on behalf of the JDM/USA-NE, immigration is front and center. That’s what pays her but that’s not what should define the movement.

I maintain that the UJAAs, NAJs, NAJASOs, WISCs have their place. If the JDM wants to provide some oversight, that is fine! That cannot and should not be the total remit!

In 2017, these United States will be a different place to live, work and raise a family. What impact, if any, will this new dynamic have on the Jamaican community that is so detached from the ‘migrant’ minority?

What does it say for a movement that is deemed critical to the national development agenda yet has no say in how it is represented at the government/consular level?

Don’t get me wrong but who from the JDM is being consulted on the choice for the next CG in New York City? Yet there is time to be petty! LMAO.

Somewhere along the line since 2000, the election cycle got so badly screwed, it was not funny. Gordon Shirley and Marlene Malahoo Forte, took note. It is still screwed but not beyond repair.

Because, with the dawning of a new America, to go to Montego Bay next June with this same leadership structure, will do the movement absolutely no good.

Election delayed will be an opportunity denied. ‘memba dat!

That’s today’s conversation. And as usual, you the last word and the floor. Share your thoughts.


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