CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell – Tuesday, December 22th

Caribzone_babyjesusSeasons greetings I bring to all ragamuffins, er peoples, on this joyous occasion of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, of Nazareth. Born to the virgin Mary in a manger, in Bethlehem, this time of the year, once upon a time, long, long ago.


And this is where the conversation gets interesting, if not serious! Was Jesus born on December 25?


In a conversation with a colleague over dinner, on the weekend, she – oops, could not avoid that one – said to me that as a Christian, she does not celebrate Christmas from the perspective that baby Jesus was not born on December 25!


Let me make it clear. My colleague believes in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but she has a problem with the recorded date of His birth!


Interesting, if not serious! And the conversation continues into the behavior of us humans at this time of the year, and that too, presents another interesting dynamic.


As my friend pointed out, people do take this time of the year very seriously, to the extent that they are more giving, compassionate, kinder, gentler, understanding, loving, caring, all of the above, which is then dovetailed so expertly into what has become a sell –a-bration to die for!


Welcome to another version of the silly season. For many, ‘Christmas is for kids’, children, one way of not going over the top, shopping for all and sundry. A ‘cop out’ of sorts!


The robust commercialization of the ‘reason for the season’ has left Christendom in two or more minds!


Minus the specifics here, certain subsets of humankind are able to ‘tek weh’ themselves from the public recognition and celebration of Christmas but allow themselves to ‘go with the flow’, because, ‘it’s what it is’!


So now the question becomes, how do you say no, I do not celebrate Christmas, when all around you, from top to bottom and beside you, there is the look, feel and presence of the yuletide season?


I guarantee you that at work, school, hospital and the shopping centers, from the Mom & Pop unit on the street corner to the malls, you are in it, surrounded by it, so how then do you separate yourself from it?


Do you tune your radio set to a station that does not play Christmas carols. Better yet, do you not listen to the radio at all? As for the TV, forgetaboutit! Every frame is decorated!


Some things in this life, you don’t have to participate in it, to be a part of it. Christmas is just one of them.
Some subsets even go as far as to call it (and Him) by another name. Same difference, Sally! And just like that, you don’t want to hear me start singing… ‘What a mighty God we serve…’


When all is said and done at the stroke of midnight on Friday, December 25, 2015, let’s transfer all that caring and sharing to the next day, the next week, the next month and throughout the new year. That would then make for a joyful noise ‘up in heaven’ or wherever you conceive that to be, for, for some of us, heaven is right here on earth!


To that I say, Merry Christmas, everybody!


Folks, there is no mistaking that this is a time for reflection, whatever your circumstance, whatever your conviction, for as much as ‘tomorrow’ is not promised, there you are, hoping (and praying), that next year will be your year to prosper, helped by the caring and sharing of others.


There’s no magic to it. Think it, live it, with conviction!


That’s today’s conversation. And you do have the last word, as usual. Share your thoughts.


Happy holidays!

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  1. Saparating oneself from the Christmas celebrations is not difficult at all Sir! There are quite a few analogies I could use to demonstrate this.Let’s look at a Vegetarian for example,he doesn’t eat meat yet all around him there is ‘meat activities’,celebrations if you like. The advertisements,the displays of various meats and meat products on the grocery shelves, all around him is meat yet he remains steadfast a vegetarian.He is not blind, dumb or deaf to the sights,sounds of meat believers/lovers but he doesn’t partake in them as he doesn’t consume meat.Is he immune ? No! He might even admire their zeal and commend their committment to the meat cause!In the midst of the clamour or should we say celebrations he is part of the living, part of the universe but hold on to his own beliefs and co-exists happilly I might add. Be blessed..be happy because there is a Christmas Day but it is not Dec.25!

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