CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, September 28th

This past August in the heat of the celebrations marking the island nation’s 54 anniversary of independence from British Colonial Dynasty, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, Jamaica’s minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade,  told an influential gathering of Jamaicans in Canada that the government is busy finalizing the draft document for the national Diaspora policy.

Good news. I have no doubt that the food and beverage served at that function was ‘top shelf’ stuff. The Canadians are known for that level of hospitality, especially when the audience includes; a High Commissioner, Ministers of government , a Consul General and people with real money and influence, not just ‘movers and shakers’ of the ‘wannabees’ species.

I want to think that this is the same policy document that has been in the works for the past 12-plus years. I am not kidding because anything else will be a travesty. It means that such a document will not be completed in the next four years!

And not because it’s not important, it just means that there are far too many more important and very important things to get done by this administration, this term and this time around. Andrew is not about to make the same mistakes that Bruce made. Case in point. The delay in naming a CG to NYC, considered the second best foreign diplomatic prize behind only Washington, DC.

So I will hazard a guess here that with Audrey Marks  now in place for her second tour of duty on Capitol Hill, handing out the prized ‘Apple’ should not be too far away, given the very warm welcome that the Commander, Mr. Holiness (sic) got on his United Nations’ mission last week.

When love beckons, you must be quick, not necessarily in the likeness of a Usain, Asafa, Veronica, ShellyAnn or Elaine. There is no Olympic gold and glory to be derived here. That ‘speed’ can work against you and be considered a false start, earning you a ‘D’ as in disqualified or more appropriately, a dysfunction.

But, seriously, that National Diaspora Policy (NDP) cannot be a new document, so again, here I am thinking that it should not be too long before the beauty queen, senate minister comes back to us with the draft document. But then, a draft is a draft! SMFH!

Meaning that another Diaspora Conference – if there is one – will be held without such a document, meaning that the conference- if there is one – will be spent finalizing said document with no telling that it will get to the stage of being ratified!

Are you with me..?

I am not sure if NYers were given an update last week as my source at the town hall meeting either fell asleep or, spent the time trying to get comfortable in the SRO audience. She did however mention that Minister Johnson Smith spoke of a new Diaspora Task Force, to be headed by a former lawman, now residing stateside. So, madam, please let us know if the document is going to be ready for discourse and dissection before the conference – if there will be one!

Folks, don’t hold your breath on this Diaspora thing because the government has more pressing matters at hand and I mean it, from the bottom of my bleeding heart.  A part of the country, the land of our birth, is under siege. Once the friendly city and the gateway to the nation’s tourist industry, Montego Bay, the peaceful backyard that was my playground for 30+ years, is under siege, with no end in sight!

Whole families are caught in a deadly crossfire as scheming bands of youth turn the resort city and its environs, into the wild west, a killing field undermined by economic stagnation, psycho-social decadence and myopic leadership.

No more are people being killed under the cover of darkness but in broad daylight, to the point where even big, bad, bold, law enforcement is scared! So we are passing tough, rigorous IMF tests, quarter after quarter, year after year with hefty draw-downs from, God knows when/the devil was a bwoy – your pick – while crime and violence continues to flourish, unabated!

Do you see a correlation?

Jamaicans are not dying by the use of stones and machetes but by guns and ammunition, which are foreign direct imports.

Do you see a correlation?

Jamaica has become dependent on foreign direct investments (FDI). That’s how the Diaspora is viewed, as a prime source of/for FDI, and in this instance, investments equals imports equals guns equals crime and violence!

Bellevue economics, retarded anthropology, ghetto sociology, find a name for it, call it what you will, the reality is that it now becomes the monkey on the back and the albatross around the neck of the present government.

The previous administration tried with diplomacy through legislation and when that did not work, threw its collective hands in the air while looking to the heavens and calling for divine intervention! Andrew, in his holiness (sic), can’t do that.

The evidence is on SM ‘an’ all ova di place’. Car visible, license plate visible, guns a blaze, in broad daylight, in suburban Montego Bay, and days after, the police and soldier are yet to make an arrest! Are you kidding me?

And what is/will be the excuse?

Then again, this is an asinine, redundant question! We changed a government that was not performing in February. It is now the end of September, it cannot be business as usual. Someone has to be held responsible!

Grandfather AJ Nicholson is on record telling Lisa Hanna that up to this point, she has failed to deliver as a comrade. In other words, there is no reward for failure!

Andrew, take note, please!

As a juvenile growing up in John’s Hall, a suburb, just six miles northwest of Montego Bay, my dearly beloved grandmother (paternal), would so often scold me in words to the effect that…’yuh life long but yuh careless wid it’.

Looking back, I wish now that I knew what she knew, then! May her soul continue to rest in peace, eternal!

Jamaica is getting help from the FBI. How soon and in what context, I am not privy, but what I will venture to say at this stage is that instead of setting up shop in Kingston, Montego Bay might be the better option at this time.

Divine intervention is an actionable item. ‘Dun talk fi di mawnin’. Please make sure you sign the petition to exonerate the good name of PanAfricanist and national hero of Jamaica, The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Today is the last day!

‘Obama hav’ nuff tings pon ‘im agenda.  Aubrey, see an blind……!

Folks, that’s today’s conversation. As usual, you have the last word. Share your thoughts.




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