CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, May 18th

Good day folks and thank you for joining the conversation for another session. It’s Hump Day and as expected, the wide world of sports is abuzz for all the right reasons. But so too is the political thermostat, as the mercury approaches unprecedented levels!

With more and more eyes being trained in the direction of the world’s biggest party capital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, comes word just this morning that the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF), the governing body of the sport of track & field athletics, will propose life bans for athletes who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), dating back to 2008 Summer Olympiad in Beijing, China.

A lot of you were not even born yet so you have no memory and/or recollection of the sequence of events that set the Bird’s Nest stadium on fire that burned for nine days, forever reconfiguring world athletics!

So fundamentally profound was the disbelief of those witnessing the re-writing of history in all facets of the sport, that the rules of the game changed on the fly!

When you consider that never in the history of humankind, has a bolt of lightning strike the same place twice, then you will begin to understand that even to this day, this moment, as you are part-taking of this conversation, the best minds in science and technology, are still huddled together, trying to unravel the mystery at Beijing!

So, as if the Zika virus is not enough to keep some athletes away from this summer’s sporting spectacle in the ‘amazing’ jungle, the IAAF and the International Olympic Committee/Commission (IOC), are teaming up to make sure that some athletes keep their dirt and distance, away from the expected rivalry in Rio.

Cheating in sports is nothing new but that does not mean that it should be condoned. Far from that! And this is where I want you to help me make the case.

If a dirty athlete, knowingly competed without detection and won, is that athlete the best of the best? Surrounded by judges and a jury, literally, the athlete beats the rap through faulty trial methodology and through no fault of said athlete.

That was 2008. Now eight long years later and with the help of tremendous advancement in science and technology, DNA samples that were first given the ‘green light’ are now blinking ‘red’. Who’s at fault, what do you do?

I guess in sports, there is no statute of limitations and so, if you are found guilty now, it means you were guilty then! The Russians, Kenyans and God he knows who else, will need a Johnny Cochrane on their defence team, asap! If it did not fit THEN, you must acquit NOW!

Like me, you are already handicapping the competition and wagering. I’m only putting my money on one race in Rio, the men’s one lap, flat event. The 400 meters and I’m going all the way for the Caribbean quinella. Take that to the ‘Bookie’ and tell whomever that I am that sent you!

The NBA – No Brain Athletes – competition is down to the conference finals and the Pavlov’s among us are salivating sans ceasing! My word! One game of seven certainly does not make a champion but it’s hard not to like the match-up out west, aka the OKC…er OK Corral!

Who will be the Lone Ranger, the last man standing with the smoking gun or three point pistol. Here’s my wager. The lone ranger does not always end up on the right team. There is a warfare tactic known as ‘ambush’, like when you are taken by surprise…?

Are you with me so far?

From the look of things, there is not much wisdom in the East. Toronto may have played their best game and series, putting out the Heat. If game one was just a bump in the road, then so be it. King James still has the magic touch, if somewhat diminished!

I have to touch some politics before closing.

One commentator this morning said that The Donald is sounding presidential. Are you kidding me..? I am to assume/conclude from that, that the same speech and/or answers in a different forum and a different tone, can do just that…make you suddenly presidential?

Or is it because the Don has delivered the final KO punch to a bunch of grumpy old pharts (GOP), to the shock and awe of the world and exposing the mess that was passing for good reasonable campaigning, on the other side.

Here comes danger, here’s come grumpy, grandfather Bernie – somebody give me a Chronixx rhythm, please – saying how they are going to get tired seeing his face and he’s not getting out of the race, even as he admit it, it will be hard climbing on top of (the) Hil.

That sure sounds like a bad card to me!

That being the case, I ask, how much packing of your bags have you done so far? November is just around the corner, silly!

Make sure you go to the Jamaica Diaspora conference, June 10, in Queens, NY, so you can have a say in shaping the America you want to live, work and raise your family in. Good luck and much blessings.

Folks, that’s today’s conversation. You have the last word, always. Share your thoughts.


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