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Aubrey Cropped

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 — Aubrey Campbell, Senior Editor: Hump Day it is, folks, and to God be all the glory and honor. Last week, a friend called me from the Big Apple where it was somewhat still unseasonable frigid, to check the temperature in the Sunshine State. Without hesitation, I proclaimed …’96 degrees in the shade and real hot’!

Seriously?, she responded in a voice of excited disbelief as her imagination went to work on the canvas of her cranium with brightly crayoned outlines of crowded beaches, umbrellas and guest relations professionals bobbing and weaving through and through, balancing trays with rainbow colored margaritas and virgin pina coladas!

I roused her from the day dream by asking her if that was all that’s on her mind at that hour of the day – lunchtime – and sure as there’s, ‘hell a bottom, heaven a top and hallelujah in a di miggle’, she answered in the negative!

Mr. know it all Aubrey, how come you did not tell me that there’s no grand prix in the city this year? Now, after being told to stay out of New York business that does not concern me, I hesitated somewhat, in telling her the little that I know and not before asking if she can keep a secret?

Oh, and one other thing. The word has a peculiar pronunciation unlike its English cousin. It’s French, so the ‘x’ is silent, as in ‘preeh’. Google it!

Well, to start with, New York City’s loss is Kingston’s gain. Hello?

Fact is, my investigative skills are not good and all the snooping around has gotten me nowhere closer to the answer as to why the combination of Global Athletics Marketing, out of Boston, MA, and Irie Jam Media Group, headquartered in Queens, NY, decided that in an Olympic year, they should scratch such an important athletics meeting from the summer outdoor schedule!

From where I always stand, in the VIP Lounge area of the Icahn Stadium, things looked good and growing, so the jury is still out on why such an unexpected and unexplained divorce.

So my NY love, my advice to you is to take one of the next five or more flights from JFK or LGA to KGN and be welcomed with open arms and a pair of searching, red eyes! LOLL

Gentle folks and on a more serious note, there will be no shortage of spectacle in the sporting arenas around the world this summer and starting this weekend.

Emergency Rooms have been put on very high alert as the NBA conference finals will send a lot of folks into varying degrees of cardiac arrest, from very mild to medium to severe! I pray none fatal. And that is, if it has not happened already.

The Heat did something to the hibernating Raptors. Jurassic Park has never been this scary! And apparently, everyone forgot how the West was won! How could you forget the shoot out at the OK Corral, now known as OKC?

If I remind you here that the MVP does not always have to come from or play on the ‘winningest’ team, you will tell me that I do not know sports, right?

Good sports is about seeing the champions bite the dust! And if basketball is not your game, get set for the all-spanish Champions League final on Saturday between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, in Milan.

For those fans and fanatics of the sport looking for some closure to a season of dashed hopes and busted wagering on the EPL, a season to forget as Chelsea crashed and burned while a Jamaican carried his Leicester City unit from rags to riches. How sweet that was!

Next week, Wes Morgan and the Reggae Boyz, champions of Caribbean region soccer, will get another opportunity to test their WCQ readiness when they go cross country here in the USA to play in the centennial of the Copa Americas.

And you and I will keep watching from the corner of our eyes, preparations for Brazil. Mark my word on this one. The Caribbean revenge on Rio will not only be in track & field athletics. There is depth in swimming, judo, beach volleyball, boxing and gymnastics.

Yes, the Grand Prix thing in Jamaica is good. One more round of preparation heading into the competitive jungle. But what will be more telling is the national trials to select Jamaica’s team to Samba-land this summer, set for the end of June.

We will leave it here for now and get ready for what’s left of this weekend the weekend!

And BTW, is that Diaspora conference still on in Queens, NY. I’m planning to attend even though it’s none of my business!

Folks, wishing you a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

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