When Will Jamaica’s PM, “Fly The Election Gate” and Let Out The Pirates?

Aubrey CroppedCampbell’s Commentary: Monday, November 16, 2015 – Folk of the more gentle persuasion. Greetings I bring to one and all. Next week, we will pause for the cause, to give thanks for another year of good harvest. Lest we forget!
Meditation aside, it seems great expectations accompanied Sunday’s gathering of PNP party faithful in Portmore, St. Catherine, but that was it.

PM Portia Simpson Miller left everyone in attendance but herself, surprised and wonder-ful.
She did not ‘fly the gate’. She did not ‘call it’! So, stop taking The Most Honorable PM for a fool. Only now is she behaving like the shrewd, sensible politician that we know her to be.

There is a pregnant disquiet across much of the country that it will be a ‘Krismus mawning’ election, from the standpoint that well placed sources who are most conversant with the back office machinations, feel that ‘December 2016’ is just a decoy, a façade if you will. The wool over the neighbor’s eyes, next door!

For clarity here, general election in Jamaica, is constitutionally due, on or before December 2016 (my emphasis).
That said, published reports are still hinting at December 2015, when all the protocols are factored in, such as; the use of the voters’ list, required separation and time between announcement and actual election day, including nomination day.
From my seat in the nose bleed section of the bleachers, it’s a huge game of football being played in the national political arena, and all because those who have and are still fighting for our freedoms, believe in absolute power!
And that means the zenith of our democracy, that institution that we hold so near and dear to our hearts and livity, is at the mercy of politicians and the pleasure of the maximum leader of the ruling political party!

Now you tell me…? SMH!

So the Most Honorable PM, with the JEEP at full throttle and climate friendly this time, decide to play along with the orchestra. So, if not November 15, when? Time is running out on “TYOUL 2015”, the window is closing fast, fast – Jamaican speak for urgency and emphasis.
Will it be November 22? Will the PM ‘fly di gate’ on that date and let the chickens, oops, old fowls and dinosaurs, come home to roost? Will she ‘call it?’

As I am always too hasty to disclaim any qualification in the discipline of political science, as I am doing now – and I know somebody is LOL, from ear2ear – something tells me that an announcement is near.

Again, don’t let me mislead you, but just look around at the level of representation at these mas (sic) meetings and listen to the lyrics of the mic chanters and you will get the fullness of what I mean.
‘Tings tun up..way up, up.’ And, not only that. Think…point, counterpoint, crossfire! For me, it’s a classic case of the ‘pot a cuss kettle say it black.’

When and where will it end, only The Most Honorable PM knows at this time. What I do know is that given the huge import of an election date to choose a government, it should not be left to the whim and fancy of a political party, let alone its leader!
If such wisdom evaded the cerebral spheres of our forebears, it should be corrected now. And we do not need to look too far for the finer workings of such an institution.

Here’s part of the report that informed my conversation, today.

If the Government wants the general election to be held before Christmas it must announce the date by November 22, given that there must be five clear days between announcement and nomination and 16 to 23 days between nomination and election day.
If the Government holds out until the first week of December to name the date, it would have a longer wait as the new voters’ list, which will be published on November 30, must be five clear days old before it can be used for an election, while the usual time between announcement and nomination and election would also apply.

There were, however, speculations yesterday that the date could be announced on November 22, and the election held during the week of December 14.

What do you think? I crave your input. Be a part of the conversation. You always have the last word. Share your thoughts.

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