JA’s Reggae Boyz Will Need More Than “One Love” to Get to Russia

Aubrey CroppedCampbell’s Commentary: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 – Gentle ladies and men. Hump Day it is and a happy one too. Well, not quite. The mood will depend on the disposition and circumstance, or both.
The events in France cannot be divorced of today’s conversation, even though the backdrop is the stadium and not the parliament building. These days, sports and politics continue to make very strange bedfellows.
It’s like marriage, where, according to one smart Alex, you get a unique opportunity to sleep with the ‘enemy’! And while you try to figure that one out, let me go from Europe to the Caribbean region and, ‘talk up di tings dem…strait up’.

It only takes a spark to get the fire going but it will take more than one love to get this Jamaican WCQ outfit, a date with President Putin in thirty (30) months. They lost ‘two love(s)’ to the fast talking, scheming Panamanians, in their own backyard in Kingston, last Friday night and gained ‘one love’ last evening against Haiti. So they are still in the minus column.

Are you with me so far?

Reading the report in one of the island’s morning dailies, I’m there shaking my – expletive deleted – head and saying, hold the champagne – the virgin kind, of course – what am I missing here? They beat Haiti and it’s as if they just punched a ticket to the USSR, my word!
Let me repeat. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Haiti is not the best, period. One time, long time, when Papa Doc and Baby Doc had the place under lock. Not so anymore! You are supposed to walk thru’ Haiti. A win or even a point against ‘Los Canalistos’, would have been some reason to celebrate!

At this stage, it will take more than ‘one love’ to go see ‘The Vladimir’ at the Kremlin or Red Square. Take your pick! The events of the past week has put some doubts on that celebration, which usually last for one whole month. Who and whom gets finally invited, will also be a key factor, down the road for a beleaguered, scandal-scarred FIFA.

See, Brazil has jumped out to say to the world, please, no need to reconsider your invite, Rio will be safe like ‘Miss Matty bulla cake in a di glass case’.

Back to the conversation, AubreyC. The tweeting bird buzzed my right ear – the left one not hearing so well, giving me problems, full a wax – to say that all that glitter from this past summer’s competition, stateside, is not black, green and golden. Something is missing?
The ‘Boyz’ are playing on empty promises and its affecting their rhythm and game. They are no Sly (Dunbar) and Robbie (Shakespeare). They are no ‘King Yellowman’. “Dem cann ride a riddim fi 90 minits wid out haffi haul n pull up, di mental lapse a kill dem”.
Bear in mind that these boys play elsewhere and are handsomely compensated. Flying cross continent to play for peanuts – unguaranteed, if there is such a word – does not and will not always foster the kind of mental focus required for those grueling 90 minutes, plus!

Read my lips, silly!

Bear in mind that our Boyz are in a group with Haiti, Panama and Costa Rica and only two advance to the next – semi-fina/Hexagonal – round. Technically, Panama and Costa Rica are more consistent but Jamaica also has the capability, however fleeting, to play at that level, as demonstrated so well this past summer, where they only stumbled against Mexico, in the final of the regional, Gold Cup tournament.
Once a champion does not translate to ‘always a champion’. Just ask Jose Mourinho and Chelsea of the English Premier League (BPL). The joke of the day is that Chelsea should be the new standard for child advocacy groups. They won’t mistreat you, they can’t beat anybody, they are not into corporal punishment! LMAO.

If you ask me, the Boyz cannot be left behind this trip, even as the world turns on a wicked, evil axis. Missing Aeroflot flight #2018, nonstop to KGB, Moscow, is not an option!

This is your captain speaking, over and out!!

As we prepare to give thanks, this side, our thoughts and prayers are with the surviving families of victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Join in and share your thoughts.

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