2015 REFLECTION. 2016 HOPE..!

CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell – Tuesday, December 29th

Four days after the biggest and best birthday party, barring none, we are still in a celebratory mood. But must! There is the ‘after party’, and trust my judgment on this one, it will be just as big, with all the joyful noise and confetti, to boot!

It is written…’Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…serve the Lord with gladness and come before His presence with singing..! That’s all I know. Loll!


That being the case, the time spent between parties, the mood, will be one of reflection and hope. Reflection on the year that was and hope that the year ahead will yield better results, using the experience and the expertise from the period under review.


And so, from the screaming banner headlines to the footnotes in fine print, there were a lot of SMH and LM*AO moments that will reverberate well into the New Year, 2016!


Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela changed governments with swift kicks to the ass of the office holders. The Loquacious Dr. Ralph Gonsalves won an unprecedented fourth term to govern St. Vincent & The Grenadines, but not without a fight to the bitter end from the opposition which is crying foul, not because they lost by the very same one seat margin, five years ago!


I mention Venezuela in the conversation because of the ‘slick’ relationship with CARICOM. With Nicolas Maduro being shown the door in haste, I can just imagine how restless the spirit of Hugo Chavez must be. ‘Oil or nothing!’


Such is politics and the bedfellows it makes. Strange, very strange!


Haiti, after three tries, has failed to elect a government for the people, by the people. So much frustration has set in that yesterday’s fourth attempt was put on hold, indefinitely! We can only hope for the best.


Down in ‘Jamdown’, oops, my bad. Keep it decent, Aubrey. Down in Jamaica, there are lots of pretty women. One such, PM Portia Simpson Miller, is waiting to be touched by an angel.


Oh, praise God for Sister Marion Hall, touched by an angel ‘J-Capri’! No more crotch grabbing antics and lewd lyrics. Her new order will be bible clutching, praise and worship.


To that I saw. Jah be praised, every time!


While the PM waits and waits, the IMF is in charge and Jamaicans were spared another Christmas election fiasco! What was/is refreshing in all of this Orange and Green, color-coded, political grandstanding, is the fact that the maturity level was raised a notch, with folks sounding off for governments of the Caribbean to revise their constitution to include a fixed date for general elections and that such a fundamental tenet of democracy not be left to the partisan whim and fancy of the political leader, masking as the prime minister.


To the extent that we now know how much was expended to prep the election office machinery, ‘backgrounded’ by an island-wide campaign, and still no announced date, speaks to a dysfunctional dynamic that is not atypical Jamaica!


Not even sports, which for many, remains the singular item for some quality R&R, could escape the wicked stench of corruption for the period under review. Austin ‘Jack’ Warner is not the only one. Jeff Webb who replaced him as head of CONCACAF, is now under house arrest in Atlanta after pleading guilty to pocketing money earmarked for the reconstruction and rebuilding of Haiti’s soccer infrastructure, destroyed by the 2010 earthquake.


Please say it’s not so! I only hope that the paper trail leads to others!


Because of this, Caribbean soccer will never be the same. The powerful US soccer federation felt hurt, dissed and used, and went crying to the feds. Now the entire FIFA house has crumbled to its foundation, like the fabled Humpety Dumpety!


Yes, track and field athletics glowed like Rudolph’s nose in Beijing only to be sullied by charges of dirty blood by the Russian Federation and what president Lamine Diack knew. But for cricket, oh, un-lovely cricket! Even the dogs are refusing to watch. Michael Holding says only a wholesale house cleaning will do at this time while the regional governments try to throw the sport a life boat, of sorts!


Folks, the conversation is not done. We are just getting started. How was your 2015? You have the last word, always. Share your thoughts.


Happy holidays and continue to be responsible!

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