CaribZone Commentary: Aubrey Campbell –Wednesday, November 9th

Good day folks. I am giving thanks for waking mercies and an opportunity to see a new America and a new president elect. Not totally unexpected but surprising, considering that ever since the two front runners were declared, you were being fed a constant diet of ‘Hillary leading in the polls’, a shoo-in to be the next potus.  So if you wake up this morning with indigestion, it is understood.

How could the American media get it all so very wrong for so long after being told, ‘matter of factly’ that the system is/was rigged?

Enough history was riding on this election, alright but certainly not in the direction that it went the moment the polls closed last evening and the television screen became a sea of majority red and a sprinkling of blue. Here’s a bit of a lullaby that came to me this morning…

‘Red for Russia Blue for shame, cheer up America, it’s all in the game, the game called politics.’

Some are saying that the vote came down to a matter of temperament v character and temperament won. What became ‘expressly’ clear as the campaign dragged on was that neither Donald Trump, the maverick businessman or Hillary Rodham Clinton, the career politician and former first lady of these United States, is fit for the office of president.

A choice had to be made. That choice, in the making since early voting opened, came to a screeching conclusion in the wee hours of this morning, a conclusion that has much of the national media eating crow. I even told a colleague that the political scientist(s) will have a hard time explaining this one in pretty much the same way that the PNP is having migraines since February 25.

Did Donald Trump snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, as one colleague told me, and/or, did the Republican controlled FBI tricked the electorate regarding ‘emailgate’?

I said it in this very same space, in this same forum, from day one, that for Donald J. Trump to have and still getting such groundswell of support, he must be saying something right about what is wrong with America.

At no time did the media say that his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’, went to the heart of and resonated well with disgruntled, displaced Americans, but forced to eat their own vomit in front of a global audience last evening, they came to their senses, saying how darling Mrs. Clinton did not have a message yet she was projected to win by a landslide?

White-lashed and left to drown in the red sea!

Consider for a moment that America hardly gives a political party more than two terms to move the country forward, unlike where I am from where political parties turn the parliament into a Jurassic Park!

Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy is/will be what it is. The notion of four more years was rejected. The first black president to occupying the White House is fine. And I want to think that if Hillary – as wounded as she is/was, coming in – was a Republican, the novelty of being/becoming the first woman president, would have sold well.

And believe me, that ‘emailgate’ scandal reeks of criminality at that level. You don’t do that! That’s evidence tampering and Americans weren’t buying. But this new America is/was willing to look past a mountain of evidence on blatant sexism, tax dodging and immigrant bashing that built the tower, just up the road from Ground Zero.

9/11 revisited on 11/9, fifteen years to the day!

I kinda have to empathize with those of our leaders who at one point or another – convenience or otherwise – dismiss polls and media reports because this American media let us down badly. Clearly even when The Donald was on the stage with Mrs. Clinton, they missed the message, conveniently?

Take for example, a magazine poll out of New York City, giving Clinton 96.7% of the popular Caribbean American vote compared to 2% for Trump, a small sampling, mind you and then you factor in what happened in Florida. It’s beyond comprehension!

And, BTW. What is your definition of rigged?

Jamaicans were vilified for voting on what experts say was an empty promise by the then Opposition JLP. Did Americans hang their votes on promises to ‘make America great again’ by bringing back jobs from overseas, repealing and replacing Obamacare and building a wall to keep out mostly Latino immigrants. You decide.

Where I come from, any mention of the 5-letter ‘p’ word is akin to a felony. I imagine it will be the new pass code in America.

I woke up this morning in a country broken into 50 pieces (states), different shapes, sizes, some red some blue. Which color are you? I’m still trying to decide while I give a shout out to all the veterans.

Freedom is a privilege. Dat mi seh!

That’s today’s conversation. You have the last word. Share your thoughts.


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